Spinach Salmon Roast With Feta and Ricotta

Recipe by mermaidmagic
READY IN: 35mins




  • Preheat oven to 450°F.
  • Slice the salmon through the center almost to the other end so the salmon will lay open flat in one large piece.
  • Turn salmon over so gray underside is turned up.
  • Set aside.
  • In a bowl, combine the ricotta cheese and feta, mashing and stirring with a fork until well blended.
  • Season to taste with white pepper and salt.
  • Spread the salmon filet with the mustard.
  • Lay 1/2 cup of the spinach over the mustard.
  • Evenly spread the cheese mixture on top of the spinach.
  • Top with the remaining spinach leaves.
  • Gently roll the salmon up and secure with cooking twine.
  • Place salmon in a baking dish coated with olive oil.
  • Brush the top and sides of the fish with olive oil.
  • Sprinkle additional salt and black pepper, to taste, over the fish.
  • Top with fresh dill and fresh oregano as a garnish.
  • Bake at 450°F for 15 to 20 minutes, or until fish is just cooked through.
  • To serve, slice carefully with a sharp, serrated knife.