Spinach, Quinoa, Vegetable Soup (Vita Mix)

Recipe by Linda Eden
READY IN: 20mins




  • Briefly steam fresh spinach approx 5 min, until wilted & tender. Cook quinoa in seperate saucepan until liquid absorbed, approx 10-15 minute Saute garlic and onion in small pan with butter or olive oil until onion is clear & tender.
  • In Vita Mix or blender, puree carrots & celery. Add tender onion & garlic and spinach. Puree all together. Add cooked quinoa and process on high until quinoa is liquified. May need to use a small amount of the chicken stock in Vita Mix or blender.
  • In large soup pot combine remaining chicken stock and spinach, vegetable & onion puree, and quinoa puree. Heat until warm.
  • (If needed, return portions of the spinach, vegetable, quinoa and chicken stock to Vita Mix to puree further. Fill Vita Mix container or blender container only 1/2 full at a time--be sure lid is on tightly so hot soup does not splash out at you! Process on high until soup is frothy and creamy.).