Spicy Tofu Sushi

"High protein sushi rolls which are not too high in fat. The yield and measurements are estimates as sometimes I make this into thin sushi, sometimes futomaki, sometimes sushi layers. This mixture can even be placed inside rice balls, just finely chop the spring onion."
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  • Cook tofu how desired, steaming, boiling and frying are all acceptable. I like to cut mine into very, very small squares and swirl around a hot dry pan.
  • When golden, remove from heat and mash with the mayo and chili oil.
  • If you have a sushi rolling mat lay it on the table, otherwise lay a clean tea towel down and cover it with cling film.
  • lay a sheet of nori on top shiny side down, if it is untoasted you may wish to briefly pass it through a flame. And place a layer of sushi rice on top. For thin sushi layer about 1/8 inch thick and for fat rolls layer about 1/4 - 1/2 think. Leaving a gap of around 1 inch at each side.
  • Place a line of the tofu mix 1 inch from the edge of the rice. lay the spring onion on top.
  • Starting at the edge roll up like a swiss roll keep the rolling a tight as possible using the sushi mat/towel to aid the process. When you reach the end moisten the remaining edge with water and stick down. Roll up in the towel and allow to sit while you make the rest.
  • Using a wet, sharp knife slice into 1/2 inch thick slices. Remove the ends and eat. Place the rest on a platter and serve.

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  1. Gluten Free Princess
    THIS IS MY FAVORITE SUSHI! My whole family totally loves it. We make it at least once a week. Sometimes we add a little (1 tsp) spiratcha (chili garlic sauce) for a extra bit of spice. Every now and then we make it with scrambled eggs instead of tofu. When we do that we usually scramble two whites to one yoke. I really am glad to have found this recipe. Thanks!
  2. LUv 2 BaKE
    I Love this sushi!!!! I used the sushi rice recipe that was recommended which turned out great. The spicyness of the chili oil in the tofu gives a bit of a bite at the end but isn't over powering. I didn't know where to add the sesame seeds so mixed them in with the tofu which was very visually appealing. The 1 cup sushi rice makes quite small sushi. I think next time I would make 1 1/2 cups of rice to make them a little fatter. Delcious recipe Pink Cherry Blossom! Thanks so much!!


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