Spicy Thai Cucumber Salad

"Truly yours Thai style !"
photo by eabeler photo by eabeler
photo by eabeler
photo by eabeler photo by eabeler
photo by eabeler photo by eabeler
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photo by Vicki in CT photo by Vicki in CT
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  • Place sliced cucumber on a platter.
  • Meanwhile combine vinegar, sugar, water and salt in a small saucepan and heat until sugar and salt are dissolved.
  • Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  • Place shallots and chili pepper in vinegar mixture and stir.
  • Pour mixture over cucumbers just before serving and sprinkle with peanuts and fresh cilantro.
  • Don't be concerned about the strong smell when heating the vinegar.

Questions & Replies

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  1. wgraham.allen
    Peeled or not Peeled - Ingredients state peeled - photographs seem to contradict- Which is actually suggested?


  1. Maven in the Making
    Yummmm!!!! Made just as written (used half of a jalapeno, hope that's what you meant). I just microwaved the vinegar mixture in a glass measuring cup till the sugar and salt dissolved. It was really delicious. DH raved about it - fresh and healthy. Thanks.
  2. inouh82cme
    First of all you state "peel & slice" cucumber but your picture shows the cucs are not sliced and secondly the comment says 'cashews' but there are no cashews in the recipe. ?
  3. Tim964
    Awesome salad - I used Splenda and it still turned out great. The cilantro is key.
  4. nkoprince08
    Awesome Salad!!! I will have to admit I wasn't quite sure I was going to like this...I had cucumber I needed to use up and I came across this recipe, there were others I would have tried over this, but my husband is picky about sauces so I thought I'd give this a try and I am glad I did. This has to be the best cucumber salad ever. I even had seconds, which I rarely do when it involves vegetables, and I already bought the ingredients to make it again!! Very good, thanks for sharing :)
  5. Kasha
    Great! Note to self, I just made a cold dressing out of everything, super. Pretty salad too.


  1. Standing B.
    Many people do not know that cashews are native to Thailand. For people with any peanut sensitivity, cashews substitute nicely.
  2. Cycle_ Girl8
    Use half the sugar.
  3. wallin.pat
    Calls for peeled cucumber...picture shows unpeeled.



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