Spicy Guacamole

"This is a wonderful guac recipe. My mom gave this to me; she had xeroxed it from what looks like maybe Taste of Home magazine. It is great! And definitely spicy. If you need more spice, add some hot sauce. I don't think you'll need it, though :-)"
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Ready In:
1 cup




  • Using fork, mash avocado with lime juice in small bowl.
  • Add cilantro, chopped onion, chopped garlic, serrano chilies and salt and stir to combine.

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  1. I am anxious to try this recipe,thank you, love guacamole! I usually add salsa, as I don't always have peppers on hand. Here's a tip I got from a relative. If by some chance you have leftovers, if you leave the avacado pit in the guac, it will stay fresh for a couple days. I tried it, and it was the third day before it started turning brown.
  2. Not a review but tips regarding avocados. Buy them green and ripen in a brown paper lunch sack. It takes about three days but you never have brown over ripe avocados again. Also lemon juice works as well as lime. One last tip, if you want to make your guac ahead, go ahead! Seal the top with plastic wrap directly on the dip making sure to get all the air out. Works great!
  3. Yum! Can't go too wrong with guac, though! I think the cilantro is a must, but just eye-balled it b/c 1/2 cup seems like a LOT! I used 1/2 a jalapeno instead of serrano, but should've used more to make it spicy. Thanks for posting!
  4. This guacamole came out great. I didn't use quite as much cilantro simply because I didn't have enough. The taste was very good with lots of flavor. Thanks.
  5. Pretty good recipe. I thought it had too much cilantro (and I like cilantro). I also added diced roma tomatoes.


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