Spiced Vegetable Couscous

"This is a delicious one pot recipe for Couscous that I got from the Food and Drink Magazine, recipe by Lucy Waverman. It's a wonderful blend of flavours that my family really enjoys, I hope you do too! You can use vegetable stock if you'd like this recipe to be vegetarian. :)"
Spiced Vegetable Couscous created by IngridH
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  • Combine chickpeas, carrots, zucchini, onions and olive oil in a pot, add stock, parsley, paprika, chili flakes and salt to taste.
  • Bring to boil and sprinkle in couscous.
  • Stir around, add raisins, cover and remove from heat, let sit 5 minutes, uncover and stir again.

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  1. januarybride
    Hubby and I agreed this would be 3.5 stars, so we are rounding up to 4. I made a mistake and threw in the quinoa instead of the couscous - WHOOPS!!! So I just boiled it for about 20 minutes to perfection. My stock and my veggies had plenty of salt and seasoning, but the end product was still a bit bland. We had some cucumbers/tomatoes in a dijon vinaigrette and found that the vinaigrette finished off this "couscous" perfectly. Added a bit of tang and more flavor. Problem solved! Made for ZWT8 for the Jammin' Jazzberries and our trip to Spain.
  2. IngridH
    Wow. I have to say that I'm impressed! I typically don't care for chickpeas or cooked carrots, but I would eat this any day. The flavors blend beautifully, the recipe is really simple to make, and the result looks and tastes wonderful. I used homemade chicken stock, and cut the chili flakes to a pinch since my guests are heat wimps. I would advise tasting the liquid before you add the couscous, to make sure it is seasoned enough before you add the pasta. I make my stock without salt, and felt that the final dish needed more. My fault, but I should have tasted it to be sure. A lovely dish, and one I would definitely make again. Made for ZWT6.
  3. IngridH
    Spiced Vegetable Couscous Created by IngridH
  4. Sharon123
    Very nice with all the vegetables! I ate it for dinner and the next day added a little mayo and enjoyed it for lunch. Thanks! Made by a Looney Spoon Phoodie for ZWT#6.
  5. Boomette
    Spiced Vegetable Couscous Created by Boomette



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