Soy Balsamic Chicken Thighs

"Found this in a cook book I got at the library, have been using a lot of balsamic vinegar recently and this recipe appealed. The flavours are delicious and its so easy. Prep time includes marinating."
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Ready In:
24hrs 40mins




  • Mix together the soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sugar, garlic, salt and pepper until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Put cleaned and dry chicken thighs in a large sealable plastic bag, add the soy mixture, force out excess air and leave to marinate for up to 24 hours.
  • Preheat oven to 425F Transfer chicken and marinade to a large shallow baking pan (do not crowd chicken) then roast in middle of oven turning twice until chicken is cooked through for about 35-40 minutes.
  • Arrange chicken on serving dish.
  • Skim fat from the pan juices, place baking dish across 2 burners on top of stove add 1/3 cup water and deglaze over mod high heat stirring and scraping up brown bits, do this till reduced to about 1/4 cup.
  • (approx 2 minutes) Spoon sauce over chicken.
  • * As you can see a few have found this too salty for their taste.I suggest you use a salt reduced soy sauce if your tastes prefer a less salty dish.

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  1. Outstanding! I think this is similar to Japanese Mum's Chicken Recipe #68955 but it's ever better b/c it's baked and you don't have to watch it. I marinated 4 chicken thighs for 8 hours. I placed then skin side down for 15min. and flipped for 15min., perfect. I didn't use low sodium and I didn't think it was too salty. I followed the directions and I wouldn't change anything the next time around.
  2. I made this tonight and it was really good. Highly recommended. Used boneless, skinless thighs and the texture was perfect and the taste was delicious. I think next time (and that won't be long from now) I'll try slicing a pocket into the thighs so that the marinade can get to the middle. This recipe is a gem.
  3. So good!! I had 6 thighs left over from a pack of 12, so I added the marinade ingredients to the freezer bag and froze the chicken along with it. Thawed out ready to cook! After cooking, I poured the pan drippings into a saucepan and reduced it without adding water and it turned out wonderful - I couldn't get enough! I'll definitely make this again! Thank you!
  4. I grew up with this baked chicken recipe. My mom made this from time to time. However she did add a little water to help balance the soy and vinegar and she didn't really marinate overnight. She just made the sauce and maybe let the chicken sit in it for like 15, maybe 20, minutes and actually baked the chicken with the sauce mixture while adding some onion and.. the secret ingredient.. lemon grass :) She grew it in our yard, so she had me go in the back and cut maybe a small handful of blades. And then after washing it, she bunched them up and tied them together and put it in the pan with the sauce underneath all the chicken. As the chicken bakes, the flavor of the lemon grass will incorporate into the sauce and cook nicely into this recipe. The sauce is not thick obviously and is soupy but it cooks down a little while the chicken bakes. Halfway through the bake, we would baste the chicken with the soup and in the beginning, I also put a small square of butter on each thigh. It made the skin a little crispy as it baked under the heat. Adding some carrots and celery helped with the flavors, too. When done, we only ate it with Jasmine white rice but any rice goes good with this, I think. Don't forget to pour some soup on the rice. And salad on the side completes this meal:)
  5. Fantastic! can't wait to make it again! Did'nt marinate more than an hour or two and was still fantastic. Used Cherry Balsamic but otherwise made just like the recipe. We will definitely make again. Thank you for posting this easy, yummy recipe!<br/>I served it with white rice.<br/>Ok, made again, this time I marinated a pork roast overnight, roasted without turning, although I spooned the marinade/ajus over as it cooked every 15 minutes. Was really yummy!


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