Southern Snow Cream

"The only dish my hubby ever taught me to make. :o) If I'm out of sweetened condensed milk, we use evaporated milk and sugar."
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Ready In:


  • fresh clean snow
  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk (fat free works great too)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • various toppings

  • decorative candies or candy sprinkles


  • Gather fresh, clean snow in a large bowl or place a bowl outside after it starts to snow to catch it.
  • You will need the bowl to be very full.
  • Mix in the sweetened condensed milk& vanilla.
  • As you stir the snow will reduce by about half.
  • Keep mixing, by hand, until thoroughly combined; it will take a few minutes.
  • Mix in or top with desired candies, sprinkles or ice cream toppings; or enjoy plain.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Leslie B.
    OKAY HOW MUCH SNOW? PLEASE. Think this is a critical part of the recipe..and amount is important. Snow is gone right now but returning and want to make this. i do make all our icecream as it is.
  2. dogmopkc
    I live in Florida. I have a ninja that can turn ice to a snow-like fluffy more fluffy than a snow cone. Can I use that?
  3. Karen C.
    Do you have to use evaporated milk or will regular milk do?


  1. Christina W.
    So much fun! And tastes great!
  2. ltl_bunny_1970
    Question Why use egg? You are not supposed to eat raw egg. It works great without eggs. I also have made it from my kids years til now.
  3. Treva W
    Making this snow cream is what I used as the incentive for my children to come in out of the snow! Quick, easy & yummy! Thanks!
  4. MandMandBs Mommy
    Easy and fun...a great way to celebrate the 13 1/2 inches of SNOW that Fort Worth, Tx had yesterday!!!!
  5. Bonnie G #2
    Used this recipe on a snowy SPRING day when the DGSs where visiting and needed something to use up some excess energy. They loved the idea and enjoyed eating it after it was made. They sprinkled candies on it for a topping and were so proud of the results. It was a little on the sweet side for me - but then I'm not a fan of the sweet condensed milk so that could just be me. Next time I think I'll try another posters idea and add a little plain milk to it. It was a fun project to do with the kids and I thank you for posting a fun and easy recipe.


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