Southern Eggs Benedict

Recipe by PJ991092
READY IN: 24hrs 30mins




  • The day before, cook the grits according to package directions (usually 4 cups of water to 1 cup of grits) to taste. Allow to cool and then spread onto cookie sheet or something similar and spread out grits so they are about 1" thick. Refrigerate overnight. The idea is to make them stiff and dry them out.
  • The Morning of, create the Remoulade by combining all ingredients (except grits, ham, eggs) in a bowl. Rinse and thaw shrimp before adding to Remoulade.
  • Cut grits into 4 sections the size of a piece bread or an English Muffin (a large cookie cutter works perfect). Lightly flour the grits so they will brown and hold together.
  • Pan fry the grit cakes in butter and oil until slightly brown.
  • Cut the country ham in a similar fashion to the grits so when you put the ham on the grit "cake" it will have similar proportions.
  • Poach each egg and plate with grit section on bottom followed by country ham then poached egg.
  • Pour Remoulade over stack and sprinkle with paprika.