Thanksgiving Cornbread Dressing

"Adapted from Brown's Guide to Georgia. This is our favorite dressing at Thanksgiving. Bake separately in a pan, then cut into squares to serve or spoon right from the pan. Time does not include making corn bread. I have used packaged cornbread stuffing but I think it is better with the homemade. Either works however. If you use preseasoned stuffing mix, you will need to cut back on the salt and adjust other seasonings to your taste."
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photo by Marcey03
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Ready In:




  • Preheat oven to 425°F.
  • Mix breads, add eggs and other ingredients.
  • Mix well and continue to add broth until mixture is the consistency of cake batter or thick soup. (Really soupy - it will cook dry.).
  • Bake in greased baking dish for about 40 minutes.

Questions & Replies

  1. Could I use cream of chicken instead of eggs?


  1. Getting ready to make this for Thanksgiving again this year. Put simply this is the way my mother did it. I leave the celery out but that's personal preference. I do make my own chicken broth and I suggest you do to, it's simple and much better - just boil a couple of chicken leg/thighs in water with a little pepper and salt. Add the correct amount of stock to the recipe, but also debone/shred the chicken and add it to the recipe too.
  2. This was really yummy! I sauteed the vegetables in a bit of the butter. The only problem I had was that I salted my broth as well as the bread mixture. So, it was a little too salty. Next time, I will adjust for that. I used 4 cups of turkey broth and it filled a 3 quart gratin baking dish very nicely. Will be making again. Txoldham, thanks for the post!!
  3. 2014: I'm someone who never cooks and can't really make much... This recipe came out super delicious!! I followed directions on making corn bread from Betty Crocker website, then used that cornbread for this recipe. I used exact measurements and followed directions exactly as they were given. I am now a believer in using online recipes. Lol. I'm now working on a turkey following directions from here. Going to use this recipe from now on! Won't have to get stuffing catered. :) I Started making this every year since 2014. It’s 2020... still a family favorite. Everyone loves this dish!
  4. I had a receipe for dressing wrote down, but I misplaced it. And it seems every where I look I could never find how I made it. This how I make it. Although I do leave out the celery. I am told that it taste like my memaws, that makes me proud.
  5. My mistake. I had seasoned cornbread mix and still added salt (although just half). However, the consistency is good. Will try again with PLAIN cornbread.


  1. No celery, homemade stock and added chicken.



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