Sourdough Deli Rye

READY IN: 12hrs 45mins




  • Mix the sponge ingredients, cover and set at room temp until doubled in volume.
  • Mix the dough ingredients into the sponge and, rest for 20 minutes. Dough will be very sticky. Rye doughs resemble wet cement. The rest will help a good deal with the stickiness.
  • Knead by machine (recommended) or by hand for 8 minutes. Tip dough onto counter and stretch and fold the dough letter-style.
  • Place dough in a straight-sided oiled container. Cover and ferment till double (1-1.5 hour or so at warm (80 F) temperature). Be sure it doubles in volume.
  • Divide and shape into 2 loaves and place in bowls or bannetons or in a couche for support. Cover with oiled plastic and refrigerate immediately.
  • Overnight, the loaves should rise about 50% in volume. Place on counter while preheating the oven with a water pan to 400°F.
  • Glaze with an egg and 1 tsp water, slash the loaves, and bake at 375°F with steam for 12 minutes then remove steam pan and rotate loaves. For glossier finish, add more glaze. Bake for 30 more minutes until 200F internally. Cool on a rack.