"When my mother was little she lived on a farm and every morning while her mother was fixing breakfast she sat at the table and broke up the old biscuits from the day before. She would take the biscuit pieces and a thermos of coffee out to her father who would get up early to do the farm work. When they moved to the city they no longer made biscuits every day. This is an adaptation of that recipe. It is a comfort food in my family. Coffee has been known to help settle stomaches and is often the only food I can keep down when I have the stomach flu."
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photo by loof751
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Ready In:


  • 20 saltine crackers
  • 1 cup hot coffee


  • Prepare coffee, add milk, cream or sugar to taste.
  • Pour coffee over crackers. You can also use 2 biscuits or 2 slices of toast instead of crackers.
  • Note: Children often like this dish prepared with crackers as the salt on the crackers cut down on the bitterness of the coffee. If you use toast or biscuits you might add a bit of salt.

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  1. Maybe we did it wrong because we used water crackers but it had the consistency of diareah and it tasted mushy. We added sugar to try to make it better but it gave the diareah consistency the flavor of diareah. Would not make again.
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  2. Curiosity got me to try this and I'm glad I did - it's really good! I doctored up my coffee with splenda and lowfat vanilla creamer. I was afraid it wouldn't be enough for all those crackers but it was just right. When I was young we poured milk over cinnamon toast or sweet biscuits and ate those for breakfast, and this reminded me of those tasty treats. Thanks for sharing the story and this recipe!
  3. Nyteglori, I just had to look and see where you are from!! And, yes, Missouri is where my great aunt was from that taught me about soakie. She was from Wappapello, MO and she would eat the biscuit and coffee soakie. When my son was a baby, I adapted the recipe for him, graham crackers in milk, he loved his soakie!!! Thanks so much for posting, I love it!!!
  4. This recipe was truly amazing. I honestly thought it would be bad, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that my stomach started growling, and that is a good sign. Talk about yummy, black coffee with this is the way to go with this one. I enjoy doing soakies with almost anything, toilet paper isnt as bad as you think when thats all you have to eat. Thank you for the amazing recipe, make sure you put lots of creamer though. With love, Arnold Fandyke
  5. This is something that my grandmother used to do all the time. To this day I love coffee and crackers. We make a cup of coffee and dip the crackers in it until it is the consistency that we want it. My grandmother liked it really soggy. I prefer it with some crunch so I do not dip the entire cracker in it. She started me on it when I was 3 or 4, back then it was milk with just enough coffee to turn the milk a slightly brown. I'm 34 and it's still the best breakfast I could ever ask for.


  1. nothing
  2. added sugar


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