So Easy It's Shameful Crock Pot Onion Chops

"When a coworker told me about these pork chops, I knew I had to try them. I mean it just doesn't get any easier and for someone like me, with a full-time career AND a full-time job as Mommy, I rely on easy recipes to make sure the family gets fed! The recipe just called for the chops and the soup mix but I added the onions for extra flavor. They caramelize so nicely and really complement the flavor of the soup. These pork chops are so tasty and tender you only need a fork. Enjoy!"
photo by BeccaB3c photo by BeccaB3c
photo by BeccaB3c
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photo by Chef shapeweaver photo by Chef shapeweaver
Ready In:
8hrs 5mins


  • 4 pork chops
  • 1 (1 1/4 ounce) packet onion soup mix
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 large onion, sliced


  • Place pork chops in crock pot.
  • Mix together onion soup mix and water; pour over chops.
  • Place onion slices on top.
  • Cook on LOW for approximately 8 hours.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Diana S.
    Can I do this same recipe in a instant pot?
  2. Anne C.
    I'm confused about how long to cook them. I've seen everything from 4-8 hours. I don't want them to turn out tough. So how long?


  1. DeeDee
    I made this and everyone, including 4 picky eaters, (3 kids and 1 husband) loved it. When I read this recipe at 9:00 a.m., I ran to my freezer, defrosted 5 boneless pork loin chops, and threw everything together as the recipe states in less than 15 minutes. I would cut the cooking time down 1-2 hours because my chops were small and boneless. I also strained the juices and made an excellent tasting gravy. Served with rice, broccoli and asparagus, dinner was a hit. The chops really were fork tender and I will definitely make this again!
  2. SailorDave
    This was an easy, great tasting recipe. I made it the other day and will definately make it again.
  3. Gen17
    This was a VERY easy and YUMMY recipe. Everyone really enjoyed. I served it with garlic and parmesan potato wedges but it went MUCH better with garlic mashers when I had both for leftovers the next day. I would scoop up a bite of mashers along with the porkchops and both flavors married in your mouth was plate lickin' good!
  4. gummy
    I made this with pork loin and it was wonderful. Everyone loved it. I drained the juices and made a delicious onion flavored gravy for mashed potatoes.
  5. pfirsch
    This may have been the first recipe I used back when this was still Recipezaar. It's so easy and the meat comes out so tender, that it is, in fact, shameful.


  1. Natalie M.
    I used 5 bone-in chops that were about half an inch thick. I used beefy onion soup mix with a cup and a half of water. I also added some minced garlic and a few tablespoons of Worchestershire sauce. Cooked on low for 7 hours. Came out fantastic
  2. als8331
    Delicious! Made a great gravy to put over rice. The porkchops were extremely tender. I replaced the water with beef broth as suggested by another reviewer. We will definately be having this recipe again because it was really too easy.
  3. MaxineCheeseburger
    This recipe was so easy and delicious! I usually don't like pork chops because they are so dry, but these were tender and juicy. I used beef broth instead of water to give it a little more depth, and added baby carrots into the mix. Next time I might use the leftover broth to make gravy for mashed potatoes!
  4. Jeanette G
    I made this recipe over the weekend and it was good but I wasn't that impressed. Instead of water, I used some chicken broth. The flavor was ok and they were tender but just not a big hit.



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