Smoked Salmon in Cucumber Cups

Smoked Salmon in Cucumber Cups created by Parsley

A cool, attractive, tasty appetizer. Perfect for any time of year or special occasion.

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  • Peel cucumber; cut into 3/4-inch slices; using tiny spoon or scoop, form cucumber cup by scooping out seeds, leaving some flesh in base of cup; set aside.
  • In medium-size bowl, flake smoked salmon, discarding skin and any bone; blend in sour cream, cilantro, lime zest, lime juice, salt, and cayenne pepper to taste.
  • Mound salmon into cucumber cups; sprinkle lightly with a few grains cayenne pepper; garnish with additional lime peel strips, if desired.
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"A cool, attractive, tasty appetizer. Perfect for any time of year or special occasion."

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  1. Thea B.
    This recipe was the most atrocious recipe I have ever had the displeasure of tasting/wasting money on, in my entire life. I originally come from Florida, so I LOVE seafood. I LOVE salmon. This recipe tasted so bad once finished, I barfed in my mouth and even my cat who will come running for the smell of ANY fish, winced and ran OUT of the room. I got my fiance to taste half a bite of it, and he threw up in his mouth and spit it out and rinsed his mouth with Listerine. I don't know why this recipe has such a high rating, there is NOTHING good about it. My fiance and I remade this with just sour cream in the cucumbers, and topped it with freshly cooked ham...
  2. rvtvwed09
    Smoked Salmon in Cucumber Cups Created by rvtvwed09
  3. Pickles McGee
    I broke up the salmon into very small pieces and mixed well to use it as a dip and I sliced cucumbers to use as chips. No salt needed since the salmon was already pretty salty and I used European style sour cream because it's thicker than regular sour cream. Excellent flavor!
  4. futbol4me
    Tried these this weekend and took to was a good thing I had 1 early-they were gone shortly thereafter! I did add 1 oz of cream cheese to stiffen it up just a touch. They turned out really well.
  5. YiayiaMouse
    Another great recipe, Evelyn. Thank you! I made them for an engagement party and they were good, but the cukes went soft as they released water. I only made them 2-3 hours ahead, but next time I will make them just before serving. Another use for the smoked salmon stuffing would be as a salad topper or even in a wrap! YUM...

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