Slow Roasted Lamb Shank With Caramelised Onion

READY IN: 4hrs 30mins




  • Heat oil in a pan and add lamb cook until browned all over. In a large baking dish pour a little oil and heat over medium heat add crushed garlic cook for about a min stirring constantly so garlic doesn't burn. Stir wine, sugar and stock bring to boil place lamb shanks bake in dish. for the cooking you can either heat the oven to slow 130-150 and cook for 4-41/2 hours turning meat twice during cooking, or you can cook over slow heat on the stove for the same time also turning during cooking.
  • Approx 1hr into cooking add rosemary,thyme and tomato paste.
  • Melt butter in a pan and cook onion and celery until soft. Boil or microwave chopped carrots until tender. set both of these aside to add at the end.
  • Once lamb is cooked remove and wrap in foil to keep warm, strain liquid to discard herbs,fat and any bits that have come off lamb. Return to pan and heat over stove. Mix cornflour with water to form a paste and add to liquid stir constantly until mixture starts to thicken and to finish it off just add a few gravy granules for extra flavour and to also thicken some more. Place lamb shanks in serving dish with carrot and celery,onion mix and pour sauce over the top.
  • Melt butter in pan and add onion stirring until onion is soft about 10-15 minutes Add sugar and vinegar and stir until mixture has caramelised about another 10-15 minute Place in serving bowl and put on table to be spooned over lamb shank.
  • Can serve lamb with creamy soft polenta or mash potato.
  • Bon Appètit.