Slow Cooker Lasagna

"I have not tried this yet but it sounds good and easy."
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Ready In:
5hrs 15mins




  • Break noodles and place half in bottom of a greased slow cooker.
  • Brown ground beef in saucepan and drain.
  • Stir in italian seasoning and spread half over noodles in slow cooker.
  • Layer half of sauce and water, half mushrooms, half ricotta cheese, and then half of mozzarella cheese over beef.
  • Repeat layers.
  • Cover and cook on low 5 hours.

Questions & Replies

  1. Do you use regular lasagna noodles or the no boil kind?
  2. Can you prepare ahead of time and put in fridge?
  3. Hi, does anybody know if I could use thin strips of zucchini instead of lasagna noodles, to make it lower carb? Thank-you!


  1. This slow-cooker lasagna is put together in a wink. Makes a BIG pot of great stuff! We prefer cottage cheese to ricotta cheese, but made it this first time according to the recipe. Ricotta is just too "grainy" for our tastes, but that's a personal thing. Also added some minced garlic.
  2. I don't normally try recipes that the chef says they haven't made, but somehow this one got added to my cookbook and printed out, and I ended up making it for Sunday dinner - yesterday. It was so easy to toss together, especially since I keep one-pound packs of pre-cooked hamburger & onions in my freezer. I thawed the meat out in the fridge overnight & put this together Sunday morning. I figured that it would "work" since I'd made no-boil lasagna in the oven before, but I'd never been happy with that - the noodles got all crusty on the edges. Not so with this! Noodles all cooked perfectly. The only problem we had was it turned out just a bit "soupy" so we just left the lid off for about an hour before serving, and it was great. Perhaps my sauce was a bit thinner than yours? Next time I might reduce or leave out the water, and see what happens. WONDERFUL idea, this one, and we WILL make it again. And again. get the idea!
  3. Yes I have tried this recipe and have subsituted Italian Sausage for the ground beef. This is excellent during the summer and you do not want to heat up the kitchen. Well worth a try!
  4. This was wonderful! I made it for a carry in at work and had to print the recipe off for everyone! I substituted cottage cheese for the ricotta but it still turned out great!
  5. This was so easy and soo good! I used cottage cheese. Its cheaper!! Everyone here just loved it!! A great thing to make when its in the 90s here and you dont want to heat up your kitchen but still want a good meal.


  1. I made this today with a few tweaks because I can't leave anything alone. I sauteed a chopped onion and 5 cloves of garlic with the hamburger, then added 8 oz of chopped mushrooms. To the ricotta I added 2 beaten eggs, some leftover frozen spinach and a half cup of red wine. To the pasta sauce I added 8 oz of tomato sauce and a scant tablespoon of Italian seasoning. I used 10 oven ready lasagne noodles because that's what I had. I made 3 layers--noodles, meat, sauce, ricotta and mozzarella--and topped it off with some parmesan shreds. It cooked fast, probably because of the noodles. Everything fit comfortably in a 5-quart slow cooker. Perfect. No more Stouffer's for me.
  2. I made this for dinner with a few slight changes. We have vegetarians in our house, so instead of ground beef, I used a bag of morning star veggie ground. I left it frozen and just crumbled it in with the added Italian seasonings. I also used low fat cottage cheese instead of ricotta, shredded Italian blend cheese instead of plain mozz and fresh mushrooms (left whole) instead of canned. I made these changes because these are the things I had on hand and I didn't want to go to the store. It still turned out great. I served it with garlic cheese bread sticks on the side.
  3. I loved this recipe!!! (and so did my fmaily) It was soo easy and cooked exactly the time it said.. no more and no less. I made a few changes.. instead of using a jar of spaghetti sauce i used some homemade meat sauce that was in the freezer which works well and tatstes better.. make it way in advance and pull it out the night before to thaw and you have everything ready to go.. i even pre-shred my cheese and put it into a bag so the meal can be put together in a flash! The lasgna always comes up crispy and not greasy.. I love the fact that you can make this meal anyway you like, you don't have to do meat, you can do veg or seafood.. its all in your creative control... HAPPY COOKING!!!
  4. I have NEVER made lasagna. So this will be my first attempt at any kind of lasagna. I can never seem to follow directions and always make my own little twist on things. I bought vodka sauce to use instead of regular spaghetti sauce, also my family isnt a big ground beef fan so we will be using ground turkey and i'm going to throw in some crushed red peppers and garlic and onion to the meat when i cook it up. really looking forward to trying this!!!
  5. I was excited to try lasagna in the crock pot, but wasn't sure if it would work. It did, and it was very good! I made a light version with half the cheese and meat (also used ground turkey). I followed other reviewers and used red wine instead of water, and added an onion, some garlic and fresh parsley. I also doubled the mushrooms (fresh, sauteed), and actually wished I had added more. I made 4 layers, and the liquid ratio was good - it was done and not soupy after 4 hours. Maybe for the reviewers whose were soupy they made 2 layers per the directions? It was fun to try lasagna a new way!


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