Slow-Cooker Beef Brisket

READY IN: 6hrs 10mins
YIELD: 4 lbs.




  • Place dried peppers in a bowl and fill with boiling water to cover. Soak 30 minutes. Meanwhile, cover bottom of the slow cooker with chopped onions, set aside.
  • In a large saucepan over medium-high heat, add oil. Season brisket generously on all sides with salt and pepper, and when oil is hot, place meat in the pan; quickly sear it on all sides, about 1 ½ minutes per side. Transfer brisket to the slow cooker on top of the onions; set aside.
  • In the jar of a blender, add peppers, garlic, chipotle purée, lime juice, chipotle chili pepper, ground cumin, oregano and brown sugar. Process for 30 seconds before slowly pouring in ½ cup beef broth; blend until smooth, scraping the sides of the jar if needed.
  • Pour sauce over brisket and spread to cover it. Pour the remaining beef broth around, close the lid and set the timer for 6 hours on High or 9 hours on Low. When time is up, serve immediately or proceed with your recipe.