Simply Delicious Potato Salad

"My simple potato salad is made special with fresh herbs and a savory dressing."
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photo by The Spice Guru
Ready In:
4hrs 35mins




  • FILL a small to medium pot with lid with enough cold water to cover 2 eggs with 2 inches of water; ADD the eggs first to the cold water in pot (reserve the potatoes for a later boil); BRING water with eggs to a boil over high heat; BOIL eggs for one minute; COVER pot; TURN stovetop heat off; ALLOW eggs to rest in pot for 10 minutes; REMOVE eggs with a slotted spoon; LET cool before peeling; CHOP eggs to 1/4" dice.
  • POUR enough water into a large pot to boil 3 lbs potatoes in; SALT the water until "as salty as the sea".
  • ADD the potatoes and bring to a full boil; REDUCE heat to medium and until tender when pierced with a knife, about 15 minutes; DRAIN the potatoes in a colander placed in sink; ALLOW potatoes to cool for 20 minutes before handling.
  • MEANWHILE, prep the remaining SALAD ingredients to specifications then whisk the DRESSING ingredients together in a small to medium bowl, adding just 1 teaspoon of the celery salt, and only 1/2 teaspoon of the fresh ground black pepper.
  • DICE the cooled potatoes into 1 inch cubes; TRANSFER potatoes into a large bowl; SPRINKLE potatoes 1 teaspoon celery salt and 1/4 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper; TOSS well, then add the remaining DRESSING, folding together to combine.
  • ADD the chopped hard-boiled eggs, diced celery, red onions, olives, pickles, dill and parsley.
  • FOLD salad well until thoroughly combined.
  • COVER and refrigerate salad at least 4 hours before serving, to let flavors meld.
  • GARNISH as desired (NOTE: To lightly dust with paprika to garnish, add a small amount of paprika to a fine-mesh sieve, then tap to dispense an even dusting.).
  • SERVE and enjoy!

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