Simple Salsa

"There are tons of salsas out there, but I haven't found one exactly like mine. (I don't like the taste of lime or lemon juice. It's similar to pico de gallo I guess.) Do yourself a favor and find authentic Mexican chips from a local restaurant to go with this! Can't beat the taste. :) Can spice this up if you want, I do this for my bf, just add some cayenne to the mix! I love this so much I can eat half the bowl in one sitting!!"
Simple Salsa created by Northwestgal
Ready In:


  • 2 medium tomatoes, diced
  • 12 small onion, diced
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 -2 tablespoon cilantro
  • salt & pepper (I use garlic pepper salt as well as salt to taste, but you can use salt, pepper, and garlic powder i)


  • Wash and dice tomatoes, peel and cut onion, peel and mince garlic or do what I do and use the already minced garlic (1 tsp.)!
  • In a small bowl combine garlic, onion and tomatoes with cilantro, salt, and pepper (or garlic pepper salt). Stir with a spoon and mash a little, this will make it juicy, and as it sits it'll get juicer.
  • Enjoy with chips or add to entrees for flavor/side dip!

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  1. jamesgames716
    This salsa was amazing! I am 12 years old and made it for my family, and everyone loved it! I find that it goes especially well with Doritos! Thanks, MissJennifer, for the awesome recipe! It is super easy and goes well with everything! I will definitely recommend this salsa to everyone else!
  2. Janet K.
    Yum yum yum! So easy to make and goes so well with everything! I used it to top some cornmeal crusted tilapia and made some spicy black beans. It's got just enough zing and is so refreshing it literally made the meal. Then the next day I ate the rest with tortilla chips and it was still so delicious! I'm typing this up as I'm about to make it again...
  3. NorthwestGal
    We loved this salsa, MissJennifer! It's so simple to prepare and was delicious, refreshing and fresh. I made it as written (made no changes), and it was exactly what salsa should be. I made it to top our roasted chicken breasts to go along with your recipe #127640, and it gave the chicken a wonderful Mexican touch. We used the remaining salsa later as a snack to go with our tortilla chips. Made for the Spring 2014 Pick-A-Chef event.
  4. NorthwestGal
    Simple Salsa Created by NorthwestGal
  5. emersonm
    Quick and delicious. I used a vidalia onion(yum); diced the onion quite small; minced the garlic very fine (to circulate the flavor); used two tablespoons of cilantro. When in a hurry and even when not, you will love this recipe.



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