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"My Grandmother has been using this for years! For those of you who love to bake a quick 2 layer cake, this filling is a must & goes great with fruit too! **NOTE** I recently used this filling for my son's 4th Birthday Cake (Pictured the Krabby Patty Cake in the photos) I used Jello's Brand Banana Cream Pudding and instead of adding 1 tsp of the Vanilla extr. I used 1 tsp of Coconut Extract. I put sliced Strawberries on top of that and it truly was a great tropical type of flavor! I also did the bottom tier with reg. Choco. Pudding and then sliced bananas on that. You can truly use so many types of Flavors. I did like the Banana w.Coconut flavor though! Yum!"
Simple Cake Filling created by Bonnie G 2
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  • Mix all ingredients together until thick. Place in refrigerator until it sets. Spread filling on cake & layer. *Note, cake MUST be completely cooled*.
  • You can also put sliced peaches or bananas on top of filling before sealing with the cake. This filling makes cakes so tasty! Be sure to use imagination with pudding & cake flavors and enjoy! Just Remember, this filling is milk and heavy cream based so you must keep cool and/or refrigerated.
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  1. lmprice55
    I want to use this cake filling but the cake will be going to a birthday party held outside and maybe sitting outside for about 1-1/2 hrs before cutting it. Will the filling hold up? The temp will be around 78 degrees outside.
  2. D. Rose
    Please are not to follow the directions on the pudding box. Just pour the pudding/powder into a bowl and then follow the instructions from the recipe. You must make sure you are not purchasing any pudding that's the cooking kind(boiled heated etc) hope this helps
  3. Creative Studio T.
    This is my go-to filling, it is simply amazing, so tasty, and so quickly and easily made. It always turns out awesome, it has just right consistency to be able to spread it easily and not have it bleed on the sides of the cake. I read that someone couldn't get it thick after whipping for a long time, and they mentioned that the pudding box asked for heating the milk. What you had probably wasn't instant pudding, which is asked for in this recipe. Instant pudding doesn't require the milk to be boiled/heated, and is quickly and easily made with cold milk. Hope that helps. Thank you, D. Rose, for sharing this awesome and simple recipe! :)
  4. jdshorts
    Ok... this is a very simple recipe, but I find the directions vague. I have mixed and mixed and "thick" is not what I would say is happening. The pudding box directions say to heat... I opted not to heat anything and be patient and hope it sets in the fridge. Feeling hopeless.
  5. under12parsecs
    So easy and so wonderful! I used vanilla pudding and added rum and diced strawberries. Used it to fill a 3 layer Recipe #69630 and frosted with Recipe #80118 for a bake sale at DH's squadron. It was the first thing gone! Thanks for a new favorite cake filling!

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