Simple Basic Unbaked Cheesecake With Variations.

"I found this is in a NZ magazine that had chef Genevieve McGough as a guest food writer. She says that cheesecake is believed to have originated in ancient Greece. The first recorded mention is that it was served to athletes during the first Olympic Games in 776BC !!! The two main techniques used these days are baked or gelatine based. This one is even easier as it does not use gelatine, does not require baking and only three ingredients are needed for the filling. I haven't made all the variations but I am sure they will be delicious. I have included 2 variations here and will post another separately. For the biscuit bases Digestive or plain sweet biscuits eg Nice or Super Wine biscuits seem to be most commonly used. However, try to match your base with filling eg,chocolate chip biscuits with chocolate filling. Chocolate covered biscuits as long as they don't have a chewy filling make a softer textured base that is easy to slice but as the packets weigh less, more than one is needed. NOTE:Cooking time is chill time."
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Ready In:
4hrs 30mins




  • BASE:

  • In a food processor or blender combine the biscuits and melted butter until fine crumbs.
  • Press the crumbs evenly and firmly into a 23cm (9") round springform tin or one with a removable base.
  • Smooth with a spoon and place in fridge.

  • Beat the cream cheese for a few mins on low speed with an electric beater until soft and lump free.
  • Slowly add the sugar while continuing to beat on low.
  • Once the sugar is incorporated slowly pour in the cream while still beating on low.
  • On a higher speed whip the cream cheese & cream mixture til it holds its shape completely when the beater passes through the mix and it looks a little grainy.
  • Spoon into the chilled base and smooth with a spatula.
  • Chill for at least 4hours or overnight.
  • Remove from tin and place on serving dish.
  • Cut into portions using a hot dry knife. Between each slice, clean & reheat knife by dipping into hot water & drying. This makes neater portions.

  • Make a basic cheesecake and place in fridge while you prepare jelly.
  • Place 250mls water, 90g raspberries or other berries and 3Tblsp sugar into a pot and simmer for 2mins.
  • When cooled a little, puree in a blender until smooth and return to clean pot on the stove and over a low heat stir in 1tsp gelatine until dissolved.
  • Pass the mixture through a fine sieve into a metal bowl and chill until it reaches a thick soup like consistency.
  • Pour this over the chilled cheesecake and use a fork to fold in the jelly by working in circles.
  • When the jelly is partially worked in, tap the tin on the bench until the surface flattens, then place in fridge for at least 4hrs to set.

  • Make basic cheesecake using either plain or chocolate biscuits for base.
  • Melt 120g dark chocolate, then squiggle onto the surface of made cheesecake before chilling.
  • Using a fork, quickly work circles of chocolate through the cheesecake. The chocolate will set while you are doing this.
  • Tap the tin on the bench to settle & flatten the surface then chill for 4hrs or overnight.
  • For a real treat you can use both the jelly and chocolate in the one cheesecake to make it a "Rippled Jelly & Chocolate Chip Cheesecake :).

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  1. This is an absolutely fabulous cheesecake. I took a risk using it for the first time at my grandson's christening party, and made the plain and chocolate versions. I didn't actually get any myself because it went so quickly! However, the reviews were raving from those who did, and I was asked several times what was in it. I decorated the plain one with strawberries and the chocolate one with unmixed swirls of chocolate.<br/><br/>The reason I love it so much is that you aren't fiddling round with gelatine or baking, and it really does set itself, although I have to say I was sceptical when I saw how loose the mixture was when putting it in the tins.<br/><br/>Only comment on the chocolate one was that swirling it round only really did the top half and when your took it out of the tin the bottom looked very plain. I'd be tempted next time to add the chocolate before putting over the base so it is more even. <br/><br/>I have some ingredients left so am off now to do another one for dinner tonight, and this time I will be getting a piece!
  2. how totally frustrating - made following instructions - checked after four hours - still slop! Im so annoyed, as i now see most other recipes call for cream to be whipped. Have tried to rewhip mixture - still the same slop :-(


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