Simple Basic Unbaked Cheesecake With Variations.

Recipe by Jen T
READY IN: 4hrs 30mins




  • BASE:
  • In a food processor or blender combine the biscuits and melted butter until fine crumbs.
  • Press the crumbs evenly and firmly into a 23cm (9") round springform tin or one with a removable base.
  • Smooth with a spoon and place in fridge.
  • Beat the cream cheese for a few mins on low speed with an electric beater until soft and lump free.
  • Slowly add the sugar while continuing to beat on low.
  • Once the sugar is incorporated slowly pour in the cream while still beating on low.
  • On a higher speed whip the cream cheese & cream mixture til it holds its shape completely when the beater passes through the mix and it looks a little grainy.
  • Spoon into the chilled base and smooth with a spatula.
  • Chill for at least 4hours or overnight.
  • Remove from tin and place on serving dish.
  • Cut into portions using a hot dry knife. Between each slice, clean & reheat knife by dipping into hot water & drying. This makes neater portions.
  • Make a basic cheesecake and place in fridge while you prepare jelly.
  • Place 250mls water, 90g raspberries or other berries and 3Tblsp sugar into a pot and simmer for 2mins.
  • When cooled a little, puree in a blender until smooth and return to clean pot on the stove and over a low heat stir in 1tsp gelatine until dissolved.
  • Pass the mixture through a fine sieve into a metal bowl and chill until it reaches a thick soup like consistency.
  • Pour this over the chilled cheesecake and use a fork to fold in the jelly by working in circles.
  • When the jelly is partially worked in, tap the tin on the bench until the surface flattens, then place in fridge for at least 4hrs to set.
  • Make basic cheesecake using either plain or chocolate biscuits for base.
  • Melt 120g dark chocolate, then squiggle onto the surface of made cheesecake before chilling.
  • Using a fork, quickly work circles of chocolate through the cheesecake. The chocolate will set while you are doing this.
  • Tap the tin on the bench to settle & flatten the surface then chill for 4hrs or overnight.
  • For a real treat you can use both the jelly and chocolate in the one cheesecake to make it a "Rippled Jelly & Chocolate Chip Cheesecake :).