Simple Baked Fish in Foil Ww

"This is so simple, I can't believe I couldn't find it anywhere on zaar. The onion keeps the fish from drying out and gives a lovely mild flavor. We especially like Telipia, but any white fish can be used, as well as any of your favorite fish seasonings. We like lemon pepper or Dominant One (an all seasoning mix from hubby's Indiana hometown spice factory Fresh fish from a camping trip is good also, in fact this method is great for outdoors, as it can be cooked on the grill for 20 min, clean up is a snap, just toss the foil."
photo by BakinBaby photo by BakinBaby
photo by BakinBaby
photo by Stacey W. photo by Stacey W.
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  • Place sliced onion rings on aluminum foil, place filets on top, drizzle with oil and butter and sprinkle on seasoniing, top with lemon slices (if using).
  • Wrap tightly, bake or grill at 350 degress for about 20. minute or until fish flakes.
  • Serve with fresh lemon if desired.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Cassandra V.
    Can I use frozen cod? If so, do I thaw first or cook from frozen? Thank you in advance!
  2. carolatillman
    What is the point value?
  3. deestace
    At what temperature do you bake puppy drum?
  4. Shilonda R.
    Can I use this same recipe for a whole catfish (skin on)?


  1. Tricia K.
    Very good. Followed the recipe, but used pacific Rockfish filets and extra virgin olive oil and it came out perfect. My 10 year old son and husband cleaned their plates. Definitely a keeper. So so easy!
  2. nikarmr
    I have been baking Blue Pearl and Sockeye salmon in foil for a long time. I do it at 375 to 400 degrees because the Blue Pearl is so thick. I lightly coat both sides of the fish filets with olive oil that I have already poured onto the foil. I cover it with sliced lemon. No butter needed. About 20 minutes for Sockeye (1 1/2 lbs) but more (about 5 minutes) for Blue Pearl. I still may open the foil and 'look' at the fish just to make sure it's done to my taste, anyway!
  3. lucyurban
    Easy and delicious. My husband and I loved it. I added some fresh spinach and some parmesan. Never would have thought to do it your way....THANK YOU!
  4. 2littlelaws
    Very good. I didn't have onion so I used minced onion. I'd like to try it w/real onion next time. Overall, pretty tasty!
  5. 55tbird
    This was very good. I used cod fillets and cooked them on the grill. Will be making this often!


  1. Stacey W.
    20 minutes wasn't long enough. IDK if my fish was just a little thicker or not; however I put in for an additional 15 minutes, let it rest for ten and it was perfect!



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