Shrimp Stuffed Tomatoes

READY IN: 30mins




  • Combine oil, lime juice, cilantro and pepper and mix well.
  • Add green pepper and green onion and mix.
  • Add shrimp and stir gently. Set aside.
  • Cut tomatoes across 3 times (crossing in the middle as if into 6 wedges).
  • but do not cut all the way thru the bottom.
  • Each tomato should still be in 1 piece, with the wedges slightly separated, but still joined at the bottom.
  • Place shrimp between each wedge in each tomato.
  • Spoon some of the dressing over the top of each tomato and down the center so it runs into the tomato.
  • (These can be made ahead; covered and refrigerated until about 1 hours before serving). Spoon dressing back over stuffed tomatoes.
  • To serve: place each tomato on a few leaves of butter lettuce on a small plate - lovely.