Shrimp Egg Rolls (Simple and Fast)

"These egg rolls are so easy. They taste great. Once you eat these you just may not ever want store-bought or restaurant egg rolls ever again. These are the best egg rolls I have ever had. Hope you like! I normally use Azumaya or Nasoya brand egg roll wrappers. They work and taste great. This recipe goes great with recipe #104944. I have also used apricot jelly in place of pineapple preserves for that recipe since I can never seem to find pineapple preserves."
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  • Cook shrimp and ginger in a lightly greased pan over medium heat for about 2 minutes.
  • Add cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot, green onions and cook till no longer firm, especially making sure that the carrot is soft.
  • Add oyster sauce.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Add oil to wok.
  • Preheat wok to 350°F.
  • Add desired amount of filling into each egg roll wrapper. Follow directions on package for the folding technique.
  • Mix together cornstarch and water to make a paste and use to seal the egg rolls.
  • Deep fry 2-3 minutes, turning until golden and crisp.
  • Let drain on paper towels.

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  1. cjames728
    This was very good, but the calorie count of 767 is WAY OFF for 1 egg roll. (That's almost the number of calories in a stick of butter!) It's more like 200 calories.
  2. rtntvglnt
    You should use beaten egg whites to seal the egg rolls. This will keep them from coming apart. I usually make lumpia...Great Recipe...
  3. Jeffsmom
    This was a fun project. I used a coleslaw mix instead of the cabbage, sprouts and carrots. The filling was good, but they unrolled in the oil, causing them to absorb more grease. Will try again. Thanks for the posting!


  1. Lisa L.
    I used egg whites also, it worked perfectly they did not fall apart . Also I didn't have oyster sauce , I substituted half parts soy sauce and half parts brown sugar and it was delicious !
  2. Jeffsmom
    This was a fun project. I used a coleslaw mix instead of the cabbage, sprouts and carrots. The filling was good, but they unrolled in the oil, causing them to absorb more grease. Will try again. Thanks for the posting!


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