Shredded Beef Pappardelle in Creamy Tomato Marinara

Recipe by Ms.Wren
READY IN: 3hrs 45mins
SERVES: 6-10




  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees or get slow cooker out and set it to high.
  • Season Roast with Italian seasoning, onion powder & cracked black pepper set aside.
  • Chop 1/4 of the onion in a dice, chop 4 cloves of garlic set aside.
  • Brown Roast on both sides in olive oil over Medium high until it has a nice crust then take it out and set aside.
  • Place diced onion in pan and sautee for a couple minutes until almost translucent, then add the garlic sautee for another minute .
  • Deglaze the pan with the Beef Broth getting all the yummy bits off the bottom.
  • Add the tomato sauce and tomato paste and let it simmer for a couple minutes.
  • Place roast in Dutch Oven or Slow Cooker and cover with Broth mixture and cook for 2.5 hours until it is fork tender.
  • (This part can be done the day before).
  • While Roast is Braising prep for Sauce.
  • Slice remainder of Onion very thinly and it should be in quarters so there aren't long strips of onion.
  • (if you don't care for a lot of onion texture dice very small).
  • Peel and dice Carrots about the size of. large Peas.
  • Chop 2 Cloves garlic.
  • Saute Carrots on medium high in 2 tlbsp olive oil for about 8 minutes until they start to soften.
  • Add onions continue sauteeing for another 8 minutes.
  • Add garlic some salt and pepper and 1 Tlbs sugar keep sauteeing on medium low for about 20 minutes or so until they are almost caramelized then set aside.
  • When Roast is done take it out of Broth and set aside to cool so it will be easier to handle when you shred it.
  • At this point if it's same day skim as much fat off the top of the broth as you can then take 3 cups broth and put it in a Pot large enough to put all the marinara, Shredded beef and remainder of ingredients (put remainder in freezer/Fridge for later use in soups or stews) and let it simmer until it reduces almost by 1/2 this will help create a great intense flavor.
  • (If you are cooking the day before put braising liquid in fridge overnite to let the fat seperate and remove fat that way.).
  • Once braising liquid has reduced by half add marinara, vegetables and the canned tomatos to it, letting the flavors combine stirring frequently over medium heat for about 30 minutes.
  • Put water on to boil pasta.
  • Shred or pull apart Beef with your fingers getting rid of all the fat.
  • Add cream to Marinara then add the beef and stir to combine letting it simmer for a few minutes while the pasta cooks.
  • Once pasta is done so are you Serve and enjoy!