Showy but Simple Fruit Kabobs - Perfect for a Party

"I was looking for a fruit "something" that would be finger food friendly for a shower this weekend. Wanted something a little showy for the buffet table, and was surprised that I couldn't find anything on zaar involving fruit and a skewer. :) Shock horror! I ended up on and found this idea. It's nothing you couldn't figure out on your own, pretty basic, but it gave me an idea to work with. You could serve with one of the many fruit dip recipes here on the zaar - or as is, which is what I'm planning to do. I'll post some pics once it's done! Update: I had to use a baby watermelon, still worked out fine. I did find the step of making small X marks to poke the skewers through was unnecessary - plus you need to get the right angle when you poke the skewer in (otherwise they might be flopping down too far from the weight of the fruit, so I wouldn't bother with that step next time."
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photo by SharonChen
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photo by SharonChen photo by SharonChen
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Ready In:
30 skewers




  • If you're starting with a whole watermelon, cut it in half. Cut tip to tip, so that if you turn your half upside down, the tips are barely noticeable at each end. Choose to work with the half that looks the best when you turn it over.
  • Using a melon baller, scoop out all of the watermelon into nice bite sized balls, place them on a platter as you go. When you can't make any more balls, scrape the remainder of the watermelon out using a spoon until you have an empty shell (all white), and set the shell aside to let it dry out.
  • Once the shell is dried out a bit you will turn the shell over onto a platter, so the cut side is down and you've got a nice half round base to work with. Using a paring knife, cut small X marks or poke holes in rows as you choose across the outside of the melon shell. Space the holes about 2" apart.
  • Cut the rest of your fruit into bite sized pieces. You may also choose to use the melon baller on the cantaloupe.
  • Once all the fruit is cut up, you can start assembling the fruit onto skewers following any pattern you like. The grapes and berries can act as cute stoppers in between larger pieces of fruit. You may also choose to place a piece of fresh mint here and there. Leave about 3" empty on the bottom of each skewer.
  • As you finish each skewer poke the bottom into one of the pre-made holes or x's on your watermelon shell. Before long you'll have the entire melon filled up and looking a bit porcupine-ish. If you need to prepare a little in advance, make the skewers and base and then keep them chilled. Poke the skewers into place once you're ready to serve.

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  1. This turned out beautiful! My watermelon was a little too ripe when making this recipe, so I didn't bother to put it on the skewers. Except that, I followed the recipe exactly. Since it's September, I decorated the house a bit and put this masterpiece in the center of our dining table for a small party. It looked fantastic! Thanks for the genius idea!
  2. We had fun - turned it into a little head with skewer hair (cut grape with raisin pupil, and strawberry mouth). Realized as I came to review it that we forgot the blueberries - or maybe someone ate them. Thanks magpie! Made for ZWT8 Family Picks.
  3. The perfect addition to my mom's surprise birthday party! I used half skewers because of the amount of party guests. Simply stunning!
  4. Delicious and raw yes! I changed the cantaloupe to honeydew out of preference. When I took out my pineapple it was not ok so I omitted that. In addition I added fresh blackberries and opted out of using the fresh mint though I had some. I sprinkled a little orange blossom water on the skewers before serving which I love. I had a half watermelon to use for stabbing them into but since it was just for DD (toddler) and I we made an amount just for us and didn't bother with that but it would be cool for a party, especially with a dip to go along. DD (toddler) had a lot of fun putting these together with me. Thanks Magpie Diner for a healthy breakfast I would make again for party finger food. Made for Veggie Swap 23.
  5. This was an awesome idea! I made it to take to a get together with some friends and as soon as I took one of the bags off the top their little 4 year old was just ectastic with excitment! This went over really, really well with young kids as well as grown ups. I didn't do grapes or blueberries or other similar fruits as the cost was very high. I did splurge on the cantaloupe and bought a honeydew as well. Thanks for a great idea! This would be fun with veggies as well. Made for the May 2010 Aussie/NZ recipe swap. :)


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