Shannons Spicy Pickled Eggs

"I personally have never eaten a pickled egg in my life. My husband on the other hand loves pickled eggs. I took a couple of different recipes for pickled eggs and came up with this one. It's a real hit with him and his family!"
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Ready In:
1hr 5mins




  • boil everything except the eggs for about 15 minutes.
  • put the eggs in a huge jar.
  • pour the hot brine on top of the eggs.
  • top off with hot water to completely cover the eggs.
  • let sit in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.

Questions & Replies

  1. Im assuming 12 eggs per jar and use 1/4 of the brine in each jar?
  2. I'm wondering if you cut up your peppers? or just boiled them up whole
  3. How long will they keep it hard aren't sealed
  4. I was wondering what size jar for so many eggs and all the peppers, carrots, and onion? I've made pickled eggs before and had good results but this recipe looks more interesting and spicy than the one I used. Thanks.
  5. Do you slice the the peppers or what


  1. I used this as a base recipe but I mixed it up a bit with Trinidad scorpion and Carolina reapers with some additional Bhut Jolokia powder and some homemade fatali Bajan sauce to bring in a little more heat. Had one of the eggs after 2 days as a tester, but I am going to let them sit for awhile to meld. I put the eggs in the solution warm to help further the process.
  2. What size jar did you end up using? Thanks looks amazing.
  3. My husband LOVES anything hot & pickled, so I had to try these....they were FANTASTIC ! I was leery of 8 habeneros, so only put 4 in mine...will definitely add all 8 next 1000 runs, as this is our NEW fav. recipe! My sister even asked me to make her some for her Christmas present ! Great flavor , tks !
  4. Iloved them. this recipe is a keeper.
  5. I made these eggs last august, everyone loved them. You think they will be too hot to enjoy, but no. They were just spicy enough. I am fixing to make them again, we love them.


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