Shakey's Famous Chicken & Mojos (Copycat)

Recipe by The Spice Guru
READY IN: 4hrs




  • NOTE: THIS RECIPE REQUIRES A TOTAL OF 7 TABLESPOONS LAWRY'S SEASONED SALT (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH ON HAND BEFORE PREPARING RECIPE, OR HALVE RECIPE TO ACCOMMODATE). (STEP ONE): RINSE and blot chicken; WASH and scrub potatoes; CUT potatoes between 1/4-inch to 1/3-inch rounds (about the width of a McDonald's french fry; DISCARD potato ends.
  • MIX the CHICKEN AND POTATO BRINE ingredients in a 3 quart saucepan (with an accompanying lid) until dissolved; PLACE potato slices in a smaller saucepan with an accompanying lid; POUR enough prepared brine to just cover potatoes, then cover; PLACE chicken pieces into 3 quart saucepan with remaining brine and cover; TRANSFER marination saucepans into refrigerator; MARINATE chicken and potatoes between 2-4 hours; MEANWHILE, combine the BREADING ingredients well, in a large sealable container, such as a GLAD food storage container or a Ziploc bag; BREAK up clumps with a wire whisk; SEAL the container with mixture; SHAKE well until thoroughly combined.
  • REMOVE a handful of potatoes from brine; PLACE potatoes into the breading mixture container; SEAL container firmly; SHAKE gently in all motions to thoroughly coat until evenly and generously breaded; TRANSFER breaded potatoes onto a platter; REPEAT procedure with remaining potatoes (don't bread chicken yet).
  • ADD the manufacturer's recommended amount frying oil for deep-frying (use canola oil); PLACE deep-fryer basket into place in deep-fryer; PREHEAT fryer to 350°F (or preheat enough fat to immerse chicken completely in deep heavy stovetop pot to 350°F, using a standard deep-fryer thermometer to gauge).
  • ELEVATE and secure the deep-fryer basket; PLACE breaded potatoes into basket; LOWER basket; FRY potatoes for 2 minutes; RAISE basket to drain; USING tongs, remove hot potatoes; ADD potatoes in increments into the BREADING once again; SEAL and shake until potatoes are evenly/thoroughly coated; TRANSFER re-dredged potatoes onto previous platter to absorb breading again, until all chicken is fried.
  • REMOVE 1-3 pieces chicken from brine; PLACE chicken into breading container; SEAL container firmly; SHAKE container gently in all motions to thoroughly coat chicken until evenly and generously breaded; REPEAT wit remaining chicken; TRANSFER onto another platter; ALLOW breaded chicken to absorb the breading for a few minutes.
  • CAREFULLY drop each piece breaded chicken one at a time, gently into the deep-fryer with basket immersed, without crowding (if a standard size home fryer is used, add no more than 2-3 pieces at a time), turning once halfway through frying duration).
  • FRY chicken about 13-15 minutes, until golden brown and fully cooked, depending on chicken portions/sizes (juices should run clear when chicken is done); DRAIN chicken on paper towels; MAINTAIN frying fat temperature for each new batch until all chicken is fried; KEEP chicken warm in preheated 170°F oven.
  • RAISE and secure deep-fryer basket; ADD the potatoes once again into basket; LOWER basket slowly into hot oil; FRY potatoes until golden brown and crispy, about 3 minutes.
  • SERVE chicken and potatoes with desired condiments and enjoy!