"I made this last Thanksgiving and I have requests for a repeat performance this year! I have not met a single person that hasn't like this, because it's light but rich! This dessert really lives up to its name!"
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  • Mix together the icing sugar, margarine, flour, and chopped pecans and press into a 9X13" pan.
  • Bake for about 15 minutes at 350 degrees F; Cool.
  • Mix cream cheese, white sugar, and ONE cup of cool whip; Spread on cool base.
  • Mix both packages of pudding and add 3 cups of milk.
  • Beat and spread on filling layer (don't worry it will thicken as it cools).
  • Spread remaining cool whip on top, add some shaved chocolate if you want and set in the fridge.

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  1. We used to make this recipe in college, but we had another layer of butterscotch pudding/coolwhip mix on top of the chocolate pudding! It is awesome!
  2. I find this humorous that I did a search for "kid Pleasers" and this popped up!!lol new title maybe???
  3. Delicious! While I had the cream cheese in the food processor, I decided to add fresh raspberries to it...OMG! I also mixed pecans and walnuts for the base, and doubled up on the nuts....absolutely to die for! Thanks for sharing :D
  4. WARNING!!! Do not make this unless you have lots of will-power. Obviously, my husband and I do not. We ate the whole pan by ourselves in three days. This was so good. I did add another layer of buterscotch pudding as Mrsmack suggested. I also used frozen margarine, mixed with the pecans, powdered sugar and flour in the food processor. Works great and so easy. Then just dumped in the pan and patted it down. Thanks for the awesome recipe. Next time I make this though, I'll make sure we are having company so we don't pig out.
  5. Tried this over the summer when guest were visiting. They went nuts over it as did us. (It will give you gout but it is worth it.)


  1. Absolutely delicious!! I used fat free white chocolate pudding instead of vanilla, fat free chocolate pudding and coolwhip light. I also did not add the puddings together but layered them seperately on top of each other. Everyone enjoyed this dessert! Thanks krittylea21.
  2. This is an awesome dessert! A huge hit at Christmas as well as a birthday/dessert potluck that I went to. I have an allergy to nuts, so I simply substituted coconut for the pecans and it still turned out wonderful!!!


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