Serviette/Napkin Folding, Marie's Lily Pad Variation, Lotus

"My interest in serviette folding was born on a wet day at my Grandmother's house, I was a pre teen and helping her with the ironing and watched while she ironed serviettes into wonderful shapes and neatly stacked them for use. I asked her to show me how and she did. Once you know several folds and people see them, they often have at least one other that you haven't seen before, you gain knowledge of the new one and on it goes. Now that I have already posted all the napkin folds I know, I decided to look on the net for some new ones to learn. This one was called the Lotus and as far as I can see it's just a step further than Recipe #240998, but since it's listed as a napkin fold in it's own right and I have learned it as a new one and added it here."
Serviette/Napkin Folding, Marie's Lily Pad Variation, Lotus created by Leslie
Ready In:


  • 1 paper, serviette (large)
  • 1 cloth, serviette (large)


  • Lay your serviette square out flat before you in a square shape.
  • Take the top right corner and fold the point into the center point of the square. Repeat with the other 3 corners. You should have a diamond shape in front of you.
  • Take the East point of this diamond and fold it into the center point, and repeat with the other 3 corners. The serviette will be square again and have gaps in the form of an X.
  • Carefully turn the serviette over and fold each of the corners into the centerpoint again.
  • Carefully turn it over and you will see 4 loose points on the underside.(this step is only to make the next step clearer).
  • Turn back over to the previous side, lay the serviette down and press firmly on the center point where the 4 corners meet. Carefully reach undernieth with your other hand and grab one of the loose points on the underside and bring it to the outside of the corner that it belongs to. This creates the outer petal of that quarter of the flower.
  • Repeat with the other 3 corners.
  • At this point you have the napkin that I call Marie's Lily Pad Flower. but the Lotus calls for an extra step.
  • Reach undernieth again and you will find a second layer of 4 flaps on the bottom, gently pull them out to the front side ( hold the centre points firmly so that everything stays intact) and you will have a fuller looking flower that has additional petals/ leaves at the sides, inbetween the main petals. This addition turns the napkin into a "Lotus".
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  1. paular205
    Fabulous!!!!!!!!!! What a presentation!
  2. najwa
    I reviewed the other variation not knowing this was posted lol. This is how I do mine. Another variation that works well with paper napkins (Haven't tried it with cloth) is to repeat step 4 to get three layers before turning over and opening the petals, then open three times to get a more circular flower that stands up well. Its really pretty. Thanks for posting!
  3. eatrealfood
    Wow they look sensational! Makes me feel like entertaining some guests over right away just so I can make these.
  4. pakoss
    This is a great resource for those like me who like the table to look spectacular. These are the finishing touches to the table.
  5. Leslie
    Serviette/Napkin Folding, Marie's Lily Pad Variation, Lotus Created by Leslie

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