Seaside Garden Sandwich

"We used to take our kids for one last summer camping trip to the Pacific Ocean during the weekend before school started each fall. One of our favorite towns was Seaside, Oregon. And in Seaside, there was (and maybe still is...I don't know as I haven't been back there in over 10 years) a great little family-owned deli that served the most scrumptous sandwiches and soups. My favorite sandwich was their Garden Sandwich. YUM YUM YUM! I grabbed a take-out menu during one of our trips so that I could make the sandwich at home---no reason to wait another year to enjoy such a great sandwich!"
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Ready In:
4 sandwiches




  • Spread mayonnaise and Dijon mustard on one side of all 8 slices of bread.
  • Place a lettuce leaf on four slices of bread, then top with a slice of cheese. Then, on top of the cheese, add (in this order) one tomato slice, onion slices, cucumber slices, and avocado slices. Top with desired amount of sprouts.
  • Add the second slice of bread to each sandwich (the mayo-mustard spread side down of course), and slice the sandwiches in half diagonally.
  • TIP - If the raw onions have too much of a "bite", tame them by rinsing the slices under cold running water or soaking them in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes. Pat them dry before putting them on your sandwich.

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  1. Just loved everything about this great sandwich! Fresh taste, great texture, loved the dressing. The sprouts at my grocer looked a little puny so I skipped those and just added another layer of lettuce. I don't care for raw onion so left that out. Served on homemade bread and really enjoyed - thanks for sharing the recipe! Made for the Best of 2013 event, recommended by AZPARZYCH
  2. Made this for a nice healthy lunch and it was excellent. I made it on sheep herder bread with sprouts and no onions. I ate 1/2 as is and put a little tuna salad on the other 1/2; both ways were great. Will be making this again. Made for Zaar Stars.
  3. Great idea, thanx! Went a healthier route using Organic Sprouted Bread, 1 slice Provolone, NO Mayo or Mustard and NO Red Onion. We chose Alfalfa Sprouts AND Romaine Lettuce and English Cucumber as well. Kale or Spinach w/b great w/this as well!
  4. I toasted my bread, left off the tomato and bean sprouts (we don't like them) and added a sprinkle of dill and oregano to the mayo/mustard. This was a yummy (and light) dinner last night with some baked chips! I did add some turkey to DH's per his request. I had mine straight veggie though and I really look forward to having this in the summertime! Thanks for posting --this will definitely become a staple sandwhich in our household! [Made for Holiday Tag February 2010]
  5. Gourmet veggie sandwich! I absolutely loved it! I used fresh sun dried tomato bread and less dressing than called for. Since I also prefer alfalfa sprouts, used them too. Planning on going home today at lunch and making this one again - sooo good!!


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