Savory Organic Golden Beets With Greens

Savory Organic Golden Beets With Greens created by ChefLee

A colorful side dish that is savory to the taste. It is simple and easy to do. Please feel free to add other ingredients to your liking.

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  • Clean and dice beets.
  • Clean green tops of beets.
  • Crush and chop the garlic clove.
  • Add the beets, garlic, salt into a HOT fry pan. There is no need for oil because you are trying to braise the beets to keep the flavor.
  • Turn the heat down to medium, once the beets start to brown add the water until the beets are soft and can push a fork into them - about 20 minutes. The water will evaporate down, chop and add the greens and squeeze the lemon or lime into the dish cover and cook on medium heat until wilted. Serve right away and enjoy.
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"A colorful side dish that is savory to the taste. It is simple and easy to do. Please feel free to add other ingredients to your liking."

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  1. Nevdiliel
    I had one bunch of red beets, and since I'm generally not a fan of beets, I've never cooked them and needed a quick, simple recipe to experiment with. This one fit the bill really nicely, and was enjoyed by all. The only reason it gets four stars is because we felt a little iffy about the lime. DH particularly wasn't thrilled about it, but he still ate them, so they can't have been terrible. ;) I'll keep working at it until I get it the way we like it. Best part about this recipe - the beets didn't taste even remotely dirty (this is my major issue with them - I peeled them, rinsed them well, and then made sure that the greens were really well rinsed too). Thank you for giving me such a great base recipe to work from! :)
  2. bonhovi_8777712
    Looks awesome! I have got some beets I found and I think I know what I am going to make out of them!
  3. Canwi
    Have had beets before and not been very impressed. I don't like pickled beets/beetroot. So when I'm given them, I really get flummoxed as to what to do with them. Voila!!! <br/>DH was duly impressed with these. Chose to use the lime on another reviewers ravings, and would deffo recommend it.
  4. Been There
    While standing in the vegetable aisle at Whole Foods I overheard a woman ask for some beet greens. Curious, I picked up some golden beets with greens and came home, searched, and found your recipe. I've done your recipe with both golden and red beets. Even did a taste test night and fixed one pan of each. I've decided that we like it both ways. Thanks for posting this recipe. I LOVE BEETS NOW!
  5. Emily Elizabeth
    Absolutely delicious. The hint of lime really makes this dish wonderful. My husband even agrees. This is a very healthy side dish that is low calorie and very filling! Beet greens also have a great deal of vitamin A so that's a plus. This is definitely a repeater.

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