Sarasota's Simple Creamy Curry Crock Pot Chicken

Recipe by SarasotaCook
READY IN: 6hrs 10mins




  • Chicken -- In a large saute pan on medium high to high heat, add the oil and saute the chicken until lightly golden brown on each side. Don't over cook, you are just getting a light sear on the chicken. Remove from the pan and let cool.
  • Crock Pot -- Once cool, add to the crock pot. NOTE: If doing this step the night before, just add to the crock pot along with the cut onions in a baggie, put the lid on and put in the refrigerator until the am. It saves time so you don't have to sear the chicken in the morning.
  • If not, after you add the chicken, finish by mixing the curry powder and garlic right into the jar of salsa and pour that and the water right over the chicken. Add in the sliced onion and put on the lid.
  • Cook -- 6-8 hours on low. As we know, newer crock pots tend to cook hotter, and also the size and style matters as well. My oval takes 6 hours, 7 for my round one. However is you don't do the pan searing step, they may take longer and especially if you buy bone inches But I think 6 hours is a good starting time to check them.
  • Finish -- One the chicken is done. Remove from the heat to a plate and cover with foil. Add the sour cream and parsley to the salsa for a nice creamy sauce. Just stir to combine, it will heat up in just minutes.
  • Serve -- I prefer to serve this over rice and maybe garnish with some diced scallions. This really is a nice easy dish with great flavor. ENJOY!