Sarasota's Perfect Fresh Tuna Sliders

Recipe by SarasotaCook
READY IN: 20mins
YIELD: 8 Sliders




  • Dressing or Sauce -- Mix the mayo, pickles, capers, olives, garlic, and cider vinegar and chill until ready to use.
  • Cucumbers -- Spread the slices out on a plate and season lightly with salt and pepper. Let them rest until you are ready to make the sandwiches.
  • Tuna -- Cut the tuna steak into 8 pieces so they will fit on the rolls. Season both sides well with the lemon pepper and salt and let them come to almost room temperature. You don't want to cook cold fish.
  • Rolls -- I like to grill these ahead because the tuna cooks so quickly. Just cut the rolls in half, spread with butter, then lightly grill using the same grill or pan you will be using for the tuna. You can also broil them if you prefer - just a light brown color is all you need.
  • Grill -- I use a grill pan, but a simple saute pan will work. On medium high to high heat, grill or saute the tuna on each side, just 2-3 minutes tops. You want the outside to turn a white opaque color, but the inside will remain pink and medium rare. Don't over cook them. Remove the tuna from the pan or grill, and let it rest while you put the sandwiches together.
  • Sliders -- Spread the mayo mix on each roll, top and bottom, then top with the tuna steak, 6 cucumber slices per sandwich, and lettuce. Secure with a toothpick and it's done.
  • Serve -- Enjoy! They are easy, quick, simple flavors. They are perfect room temperature which makes them great for a BBQ. And remember, you can always add tomato slices or cheese if you want but I think they are perfect as is.