Santa Fe Chicken Pilaf

"A nice casserole to use as a side dish or to take to pot lucks."
Santa Fe Chicken Pilaf created by vrvrvr
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  • Prepare rice according to package directions, using chicken broth instead of the water.
  • Add cumin with contents of spice pack.
  • Stir remaining five ingredients into rice mixture.
  • Top with cheese; if desired.
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@Audrey M
@Audrey M
"I am a mother of three and live in central Pennsylvania. My children were very active in after school activities and found we weren't spending anytime together at meal time. In 1998, I decided to start cooking my dinners in a crockpot so that we could have a home cooked meal together once everyone came home. My children now get so excited to see what we are having to eat and love the smell when they walk in the door. My family calls me the crock pot queen. LOL I use my crock pot everyday of the year. <br> <br>My three children are now in college and before they come home they request their favorite meal. I still continue to cook in the crock pot for my husband and I. It is nice after a long day to know your meal is ready. It also helps in keeping my grocery bill down. With zaar, I can print my shopping list and that is all I purchase is the ingredients on that list. <br> <br>Now, my two daughters have been crock pot cooking while in college. They find it is easy to cook for the themselves and their friends. It is an easy way to have friends over for dinner after classes <br> <br>I still love trying new recipes and purchasing cookbooks, especially crock pot cookbooks. <br> <br>Happy Cooking!"

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  1. vrvrvr
    Santa Fe Chicken Pilaf Created by vrvrvr
  2. vrvrvr
    My family LOVED this! I turned it into a skillet dinner by starting with sauteing chopped onion and celery. I used a 10 oz. can of mild Rotel for the tomatoes, and 1 c. of frozen corn. Didn't have black beans so I used a 15 oz. can of canellini beans. After stirring everything together, I added a splash of chicken stock and let it bubble a few minutes, then topped with cheddar cheese and fresh parsley. It was spicy, hearty and delicious and only needed a side of crunchy bread. Winner!!!
  3. Audrey M
    A nice casserole to use as a side dish or to take to pot lucks.

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