Salt Water Pull Taffy

Recipe by jennisue
READY IN: 30mins
YIELD: 1 pound


  • 2
    cups sugar
  • 1
    teaspoon salt
  • 1 12
    cups water
  • 2
    tablespoons butter
  • 14
    teaspoon food coloring, of your choice
  • 34
    tablespoon extract, flavoring of your choice


  • Combin Sugar, Corn syrup, Salt, and Water in a 2 quart pan.
  • Cook over medium high heat, stirring constantly till suagr dissovles.
  • Heat mixture without stirring, until it reaches a hard boil stage. about 260*.
  • Remove from heat, mix in remaining ingredients.
  • Cover a cookie sheet with tin foil, lightly spray pam on it, and pour the taffy onto the cookie sheet.
  • Cool until just able to handle.
  • Butter hands--gather taffy into a ball and pull.
  • Continue to pull until light in color and hard to pull.
  • Divide into fourths (1/4).
  • Pull each fourth (1/4) into a 1/2" thick rope.
  • Cut into 1" pieces using a knife.
  • Wrape individually in wax paper.