Salt and Pepper Squid or Calamari With Cucumber Salad

"This dish could also be used with calamari. I have been looking for a squid/calamari dish that does not have Szechuan pepper as I am unable to find it. This recipe comes from The Australian Womans Weekly Simply Seafood book."
Salt and Pepper Squid or Calamari With Cucumber Salad created by Chef floWer
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  • Cut squid hoods along one side and open out. Using a small sharp knife, score inside of hoods in a diagonal pattern, without cutting all the way through. This will allow the squid to curl during cooking. Cut each squid hood into eight pieces.
  • Sprinkle squid with combined pepper, salt and lemon pepper seasoning.
  • Heat oil in wok or large frying pan, stir-fry squid in batches until curled and just cooked through. Serve squid with cucumber salad.
  • Cucumber Salad: Combine cucumber, onion, tomato, nuts and mint in medium bowl. Add combined vinegar and oil, toss to combine.
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@Chef floWer
@Chef floWer
"I'm not around.. If you have tried my recipes and given them a review and photo.. Thank you... If your after a freebie with one of my photos or recipes to make a publication with it and use it as your own. Please don't ask, the answer is no! If you take them, then your stealing... Stealing is bad and against the law."

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  1. Mario S.
    Salt and Pepper Squid or Calamari With Cucumber Salad Created by Mario S.
  2. eva_anita
    The salad is to die for, very very tasty, we made it yesterday and today I feel like having the same thing. Our calamari, unfortunately, came out tough, so be careful when you're frying them as they become overdone soon. In the end we toasted a few pieces of bread because we found that the acidic taste of the salad was a bit difficult to take on its own (or with the tough calamari) and there was something missing. We will surely try this recipe again and I hope to master the skill of frying calamari not too much! Thanks a lot for posting, we love trying out new things.
    Chef floWer, these were just perfect. My 11 year old son LOVES calamari (as do I) but not fond of the breaded deep fried style. These really hit the spot, texture and seasoning wise (we didn't make the salad but dipped the calamari in Tzatziki sauce). {Made and reviewed for NZ/AUS recipe swap #31, Aug. 2009}
  4. An_Net
    Salt and Pepper Squid or Calamari With Cucumber Salad Created by An_Net
  5. An_Net
    This was a very fresh and light meal. I coated my calamari with flour, salt and pepper in a ziplock bag. I didn't use the peanuts due to nut allergy in the family. I cooked my calamari in the wok with sunflower oil infused with a clove of garlic. Another great recipe from Chef floWer.

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