Salmon Au Poivre (Or: the Disappearing Fish Trick)

READY IN: 44mins




  • drop one and only one piece of fish in a tupperware box that would just barely fit both pieces of salmon if you stacked them. (this is foreshadowing.).
  • pour two capfuls of soysauce (2 T or so) on top of fish. peel garlic, and mash the hell out if it. smear on top of fish like you're polishing brass. pour one capful (1 T or so) of rice vinegar or lemon juice on top of fish. put two teaspoons of sugar on top of fish, smear around like you're trying to cleanse the fish of its sins.
  • put other piece of fish on top of the first piece of fish, so you've made a raw-fish-and-marinade sandwich, and seal box. shake a few times, stick in refrigerator. go do something else for twenty-five minutes.
  • come back twenty-five minutes later, heat skillet on just less than high. add one swirl around the pan of olive oil. while oil heats, pull the fish out of the box, and gently wipe excess marinade and pat dry. cover both sides of your fish with pepper--about a teaspoon on each side, enough that the flesh is covered.
  • put fish in pan when the oil is almost ready to smoke. flip after two minutes, wait two minutes, remove from pan and place on papertowel. (the fish is done when it feels slightly firm to the touch, and is just barely opaque on the inside. if it's not done at this point, stick it in the microwave for thirty seconds at a time.) wait a minute or so for the heat to move completely through the fish.
  • served with a mache (lamb's lettuce, or feldsalat) salad with a hollandaise-ish dressing, some crusty bread, and a couple bottles of beer.