Saibhaji(Spinach With Lentil)-A Classic Indian(Sindhi) Dish.

"This dish is a Classic Sindhi dish which everybody loves including vegetarians. Most of Sindhi people crave for this dish and miss it if not served, so much that I remember a famous top Bollywood Sindhi Actress got married to a Punjabi and I remember reading in the magazine that she was complaining that she didn't eat Saibhaji in a long time as her Husbands Punjabi family did not make this dish.Another short my family story-I was married to an Italian-American girl,she loved this dish too also my children who were born in USA and now are married to Irish-American girls,they love this dish very much,I am surprised (Specially) at my younger son Prem for loving this dish as he is a Meat and Potatoes guy.Why dont you try it and let me know."
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Ready In:
1hr 15mins




  • In A Bowl mix chanadal with 2 cups water rinse dal using your hand to get rid of any starch or residue on dal two to three times changing and rinsing out the water.Than let it soak in 2 cups water for 30 minutes.Set it aside.
  • Grease A stockpot bottom with 2 teaspoon oil,spread a layer of onions,top with a layer of just chanadal(Not the Water),top that with layer of diced tomatoes,repeat layers until finished.Add Ginger,Cayenne pepper or Serrano chillies,salt,turmeric powder and thawed spinach and Dill(if you are using it).Add the water in which dal (Lentils)was soaked,add more water if needed to bring water level just above the level of ingredients.Cover cook on medium high for 35-40 minutes.
  • Uncover the pot give a thorough stir,check if lentil is so tender that it could be mashed easily,if not add water if needed,stir cook for another 10-15 minutes on medium heat.Uncover,using a whisk mash every thing gently not to make a paste just to crumble lentil a bit.Taste add salt,pepper if needed,add mango powder or lime juice,mix it well,lower the heat to low.
  • In a frying pan heat the remaining 2 teaspoon oil on medium high,add garlic.
  • stirring until garlic golden brown but not burnt(As burnt garlic will give bitter taste),add it to the main dish,stir,heat it covered half way on medium high heat until water has evaporated. Serve with Basmati Rice,Chapati with side of peeled and sliced radishes.(In India we seve it with Muli).

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