Sage and Garlic Roast Turkey

"A great spin on the classic roast turkey! We loved this on thanksgiving 2004!"
Sage and Garlic Roast Turkey created by _Pixie_
Ready In:
5hrs 15mins



  • preheat the oven to 325F
  • prepare the turkey by fastening the neck skin to the back of the turkey with pins or a skewer. fold the wings to the turkey so the tips are touching.
  • mix all ingredients in a bowl except for the water, fresh sage, and apples.
  • on a rack in the roasting pan, place turkey (breast side up). brush with butter mixture. Insert oven proof meat thermometer so tip is in the thickest part of inside thigh and does not touch the bone. Add water to the pan.
  • cover turkey loosely with foil or the roaster top. Roast for three hours. Uncover; roast 45 minutes to an hour. Turkey is finished when thermometer in thickest part of the bird reads 180°F.
  • Let stand 15 minutes before carving.
  • Garnish with sage and apples.
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  1. KLHquilts
    We tried it your way this Thanksgiving ... It was great! The flavor of the turkey was great. Would definitely do this again.
  2. adopt a greyhound
    I used half of the butter mixture on a whole chicken. It gave it great flavor, I will be using this recipe often. I always roast my chicken in a clay pot and they are always so moist. Loved the flavor it imparts.
  3. RHOS6577
    Just realized I've not posted a review for this after having cooked it so many times. Best turkey I've ever cooked! Only changes made: stuffed cavity with chopped onions,celery fresh parsley, and added same seasonings used inside as on the outside rubbed well. Basted occasionally with own juices. Great turkey!
  4. _Pixie_
    Sage and Garlic Roast Turkey Created by _Pixie_
  5. _Pixie_
    Really nice combination of spices and the turkey was really nice and moist. I think next time I will add more butter to the spice mixture as it was quite a thick paste. Near the end of baking I basted the turkey to remove many of the bigger clumps just because they looked weird. I like this recipe and I'll use it again with a bit of tweaking. Thanks for posting.

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