Rotel Tomatoes - Homemade Copycat

"Make your own Rotel Tomatoes to suit your taste. You can make it hot or mild. Source: Now Your Cookin'"
photo by saylor76 photo by saylor76
photo by saylor76
Ready In:
1 Quart




  • Place in 4 quart saucepan, and simmer until reduced to 1 quart.
  • (Measure 1 quart water into saucepan in advance, and mark on outside of pan, to help you judge).
  • The cans at the grocers are 10oz in size, so freeze in 1 cup portions.
  • This way you can adjust the hot peppers to suit yourself, and making small batches is so easy!
  • Remember, freezing makes the peppers hotter.

Questions & Replies

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  1. annette S.
    How do you store it can you freeze it. i use to be able to find 28 oz cans at Walmart just stopped .I am going to cal company but fresh sounds good


  1. Tara1183
    I am not sure what actual Rotel tomatoes should taste like but these are great. I used them in a recipe the other that called for Rotels and you cant buy them here so I made this recipe. Worked great, they would be great on hand for chili, casseroles or spaghetti sauce.
  2. shellbee
    We cannot buy rotel tomatoes where I live so this is perfect for me. Love the fact that it is freezable. Thank you!
  3. Chef Dudo
    Have never seen Rotel tomatoes here in a can so you can imagine that I was very pleased to find this recipe. So easy to make and great taste. Used some for a pastasauce, a casserole and a chili. One batch I just had as it was, as a sauce over rice one day when I was too hurried to make anything "elaborate". This will certainly be made again when I run out of my freezer-stored batches, want to have it on hand. Thanks for posting.
  4. Janie from TX
    I didn't realize Rotel would be so simple to make. My husband eats a 'store bought' can almost every day. He says it's better than rotel. A great way to use up summer tomatoes. I did can instead of freezing ( Water bath for 15 minutes). Also when cooking down the juice, I just cooked until it looked right. It was perfect.
  5. ravenbard
    I am searching for a recipe to make RoTel tomatoes, since we use so many cans of RoTels in our cooking but this recipe seems to be lacking in ingredients. I would think it would have more than tomatoes and jalapenos in it, so I will continue my search unless anyone here has a tried and true recipe to share.



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