Rosemary Grilled Bread

"We make this alongside just about anything we grill! Enjoy! Also, the bread I use is French Tart's Recipe #340621!"
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Ready In:
12 slices




  • Cut the bread into about 12 slices, about 3/4 of an inch thick.
  • Lightly coat both sides of the bread with olive oil.
  • To your liking sprinkle sea salt, pepper and rosemary on one side of the bread slices. Lightly press down on the spices to help them stick, then flip the slices over and sprinkle the spices on the other side.
  • Grill over medium high heat about 5 minutes on each side, until the bread is toasty and light grill marks appear.
  • This bread is excellent for bruschetta or dips or just to eat plain! So good! :).

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  1. Life Is Good recommended this recipe in our 2011 Member's Cookbook and I was enraptured by the concept. However, we don't grill, so I was stumped as to what to do. Enter my great broiler on my gas oven, with adjustable shelves and temperature. Rather than a baguette, which I've always found too hard to enjoy, I bought a round country loaf of sourdough bread, impregnated with roasted garlic cloves. The recipe was a snap to put together, and the broiler turned it into perfection! Honestly, my family wanted to just eat the bread, it was THAT good! I had to remove it from the table so we'd eat the rest of the meal, but it was then brought back: I had too many sad faces staring me down! LOL
  2. Quick and delicious! Even my 4-year old loved it and said it was better than garlic cheese bread!
  3. Another recipe for my "best of the best" file! This is fabulous bread and sooooo easy! The combination of sea salt, black pepper, rosemary and olive oil make this bread truly outstanding. I will make this bread whenever we grill! Thank you. :)
  4. Fabulous, I love the rosemary in this. I used some from my garden and it sort of crisps up. Was lovely and such a change from normal garlic bread. I served with soup.
  5. As good as the rosemary tastes, I think it's the black pepper that makes this outstanding! I made this indoors because of the weather, but I'm really looking forward to doing it outside. I want to try putting some rosemary on the coals while this is grilling. Thanks for posting! Made for PRMR.


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