Rose Cottage Fragrant Old English Rose Liqueur Syrup

READY IN: 72hrs




  • Boil the sugar and water to a clear syrup. Alow it to cool and when it is a little more than blood-warm, pour it over half a pound of fresh red rose petals. Cover it with muslin or a tea towel, and leave it in a cool, dark place for twenty-four hours.
  • On the second day, strain into a clean container, and then add the second supply of rose petals.
  • On the third day put in the last half pound of rose petals and leave to infuse for one more day.
  • On the fourth day, strain through a muslin bag or a mesh sieve into a clean conatiner. Add the brandy; then strain again through a muslin bag or a mesh sieve, stir well and bottle.
  • This liqueur syrup is delightful as a beverage, mixed with sparkling water or lemonade; it is also wonderful when added to flavour custards, creams, desserts, cheesecakes or ice creams.