Rib Marinade

"This is good on grilled meats - chicken, beef - however, we always use it for pork ribs. I omit the oil and have never had a problem but I know marinade is technically supposed to have oil so I put it in the recipie. I don't really know where this recipe comes from. Can be used for up to 10 lbs of meat. Can be stored in the refrigerator if you don't use it all."
photo by etira.tq photo by etira.tq
photo by etira.tq
Ready In:
3 1/2 cups




  • Combine all ingredients.
  • Marinade meat several hours or overnight.
  • Can freeze.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Trenaer2014
    Hey if I'm making 10lbs of pork riblets how many batches do I need to make?
  2. Donald C.
    What kind of oil for this recipe?
  3. Mary Ann C.
    After I marinate the ribs do I just bbq them or cook in oven first- I doing them this pm


  1. Janice B.
    I didn't add the oil - it wasn't necessary. I used red wine instead of wine vinegar, and it was delicious!
  2. SP90Nupe
    Thank you for sharing this recipe. This recipe along with my hickory chips had my family talking about my ribs for hours.
  3. LeeSpade
    Thanks for the great marinade. I have used it a couple of times already, and it has made the ribs so tender and juicy, falls off the bones! I did not need the oil either, I would just take it out of your terrific recipe.
    This worked great! I did use the oil and prepared mustard. The recipe didnt specify red or white wine vinegar, so I used white. Excellent. I usually use the same marinade from my ST. LOUIS STYLE RIBS oven recipe. This one was easy to prep and tasted great!
  5. Tara Colquitt
    I used on chicken and ribs without the oil. It was good, but I would omit the salt next time. I also used balsamic vinegar, prepared dry mustard and lots more pre-minced garlic (2 heaping tbsps). Thanks for the recipe Keolani.


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