Rhubarb Cake

Recipe by Thorsten
YIELD: 12 pieces




  • Prepare cake bottom according to recipe #119337 for German Fruit Cake Bottom, but use lemon rind instead of vanilla. You can make the cake bottom in advance.
  • Let cake bottom cool completely. Meanwhile prepare rhubarb filling.
  • Wash rhubarb, peel and cut into rather even 1/4 in pieces.
  • Preheat pot on medium heat and add 3 tablespoons sugar. Caramelize sugar over medium high heat until light brown. Add orange juice and stir until the caramelized sugar is dissolved. Be careful, sugar will be very hot!
  • Add rhubarb. Cook for about 5-8 minutes stirring constantly, until rhubarb is still firm to the bite. Add additional sugar to taste. Stir until dissolved.
  • Drain rhubarb through a sieve and reserve liquid. Let rhubarb get cold.
  • Measure liquid to make 1 cup. If necessary add water to make 1 cup. Prepare the glaze with the liquid according to package directions. Mix in rhubarb immediately and fill directly on cake bottom. Let set.
  • Either top completely with a fluffy vanilla pudding and let it set, or simply top with freshly whipped sweetened cream.
  • NOTE on Vanilla Pudding: use your favorite brand. We usually prepare 1 whole package and use about half on the cake. We easily find other uses for the rest.