Refrigerated Cucumber Pickles

"My good friend Pat gave me this wonderful recipe. They have a great sweet flavor and are a nice addition to any picnic spread. These freeze well, and you can also make them with summer yellow squash, which I don't peel. A great way to "use up" cukes in an exploding vegetable garden."
photo by Ambervim photo by Ambervim
photo by Ambervim
Ready In:
2hrs 20mins




  • Soak the cucumber and onion slices in water to which the salt has been added for 2 hours. Drain thoroughly.
  • Mix the sugar and vinegar together and pour over the cucumbers and onions. Mix. Store in a plastic container with lid, in the refrigerator. They get better after a day or two.

Questions & Replies

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  1. barbakolesar
    Has anyone put these delicious pickles in a waterbath to seal? I would like to make a large batch and hold them over.
  2. pahodge2003
    Can I use Stevia instead sugar in recipe. I'm diabetic.


  1. Ambervim
    Simple, straighforward goodness. I store mine in glass.
  2. Gandalf The White
    Agree with the other reviewers: easy to make and wonderful flavor. What's also great about this recipe is it has a relatively low salt content and only 8 g sugar per serving ... so someone on a mildly restricted sodium diet could have one ...
  3. Sue78
    I love these cucumbers! I add 1 teaspoon celery seeds to the mix. Yum!
  4. blancpage
    Update Mar 11, 08, I'm running out of these pickles fast and can't wait to make more - so I had the idea of topping a salad with these and it tasted great! It was an iceberg/romaine/carrot/red cabbage salad and I topped it with these pickles/onions and didn't need any other dressing. Thanks again! :) Absolutely fantastic PainterCook! I never thought I could make pickles so easily. I halved this recipe, but found that after slicing up the one cucumber I only had 2 cups worth so was going to cut the recipe ingreds into fourths. then as soon as I thought that I completely forgot and made everything the brine and dressing as if it were for half a batch... oh well lol, I don't see any problems with the results. Made as directed, and I had to stop myself from eathing the entire bowl. Bf has been sick so didn't feel like trying these. They are crisp-crunchy, sweet, tangy, with a bit of a hot bite from the red onion. Tyvm! Made for Aussie/NZ Recipe Swap #14.
  5. happynana
    These were good and sweet, which I like and I love red onions. DH prefers the tangy type but said they were good. I halved the recipe for us. Made for AUS/NS Recipe Swap #14.


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