Refreshing Mojito by the Pitcher Mojitos

"This is a refreshing Cuban drink. It's hard to stop drinking these on a hot summers day. I made these for the fourth of July and we went on to 3 yes 3 pitchers! If you don't have a muddle stick try a mortar and pestle or the end of a wooden rolling pin. Please use fresh lime if you cannot go ahead and try the already bottled lime juice but if you do think about that when you rate this recipe! I did both and there's nothing like fresh! Same goes for the fresh mint if you need to you can use frozen but I DON'T recommend extract. And for the sugar real granular is what helps muddles the lime and extract the mint oils from the leaves."
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  • Place lime juice, mint and sugar into a pitcher.
  • Using a muddle stick mash to release mint oils, and dissolve sugar into juice.
  • Add rum and lots of ice topped with club soda. Adding more club soda to glasses if a lighter drink is desired.
  • Garnish with fresh mint and lime slices.

Questions & Replies

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  1. calimadre
    Forgive the picky question but do you use the small key limes or the larger Persian variety? Thanks in advance for your reply :o)
  2. donna.sprengard
    Looks great! How much rum? What brand recommended? Thank you!
  3. Nicole T.
    How many liters does this recipe make? I have a 10L drink dispensary and am looking for a recipe to suit that size.


  1. jake boyle
    Yes this is a great Mojito recipe. I have replaced the club soda with Sprite, which is a lemon-lime soda. Found it adds to the flavour.
  2. hope2day
    This is a GREAT recipe!! We loved them on our 4th of July picnic. I have already made them again and just made another batch today. The only thing I did was add an extra 1/2 cup of Bacardi Rum and a little more mint leaves. Thank You for a GREAT summer drink!!!
  3. Shamrockluver
    So good!! I made 2 gallons to take on the river with us for our canoe trip and was passing it out. Everyone was asking how I made it. Wonderful. I did use Bacardi Citrus Rum but other than that followed the recipe. I will make this all the time now. Thank you!! :)
  4. face_artist
    I LOVE this recipe!!! Instead of using all club soda - I mixed 1/2 club soda and 1/2 Squirt so that it had more ZING!! It was sooooo good! The girls drank the 1st pitcher in about 15 minutes and were begging for another! Sadly....I didn't have enough limes so they had to settle for I'm prepared! I've squeezed 2 bags of limes and froze the juice! Thank you for the recipe!!!!!!
  5. Carol d.
    I never liked Mojito's when I've had them out in a restaurant but I was at a friends house for a cuban dinner and they made these and it totally changed my mind about this drink! This is FABULOUS!! The only thing I do differently is not to add ice to the pitcher, I add it to the glass as I serve it. I find it doesn't water down the drink if I do it this way. SO HAPPY my friend made your recipe!! <3


  1. Carol d.
    Did not put ice in the pitcher, put it in the glass instead.
  2. Desiree D.
    I made a simple syrup 50/50 water n sugar its quick and leaves no granules of sugar and used lime flavor sparkling water any brand works
  3. Fu R.
    You all may think i'm crazy but we prefer it with Sprite instead of club soda and a little less sugar.
  4. quitoslady 2
    I will make again. It was very good. I used lemon lime soda instead of the club soda.
  5. jake boyle
    Yes this is a great Mojito recipe. I have replaced the club soda with Sprite, which is a lemon-lime soda. Found it adds to the flavour.



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