Really Good, Simple, Fresh Potato Salad- No Mustard- No Relish

"This recipe was given to me by an elderly woman who had brought lunch to another elderly woman that I was taking care of. I don't know know the origin of this type of potato salad, and tried to search Zaar to make sure I wasn't duplicating, but admit that I did not search all 1200 potato salad recipes. I have never tasted a potato salad that was so good, so I got the recipe from her. The amounts are approximate as she just told me the ingredients, and I eyeball it, of course it also depends on how much you want to make, so adapt it accordingly. She did insist however that you have to use Hellmann's mayo. My husband, who Never eats potato salad eats and actually enjoys it. It has a nice mellow flavor and texture with-out the typical relish and mustard, I'm sure all of the eggs contribute to that. I took it to a church potluck and got raves about it. It is definitely not low fat, not sure how it would adapt. Another example that sometimes simple IS better. Hope you enjoy!"
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  • Peel and dice potatoes, Boil in salted water until tender.
  • Hard boil eggs, peel, chop. (obviously lol).
  • Finely chop onion.
  • *1-2 ribs of finely diced celery is nice, but was not in the original recipe.
  • A dash of garlic powder or garlic salt is nice too.
  • Judge the amount of Mayo to your taste and # of potatoes, but do add it until it is nice and creamy.
  • Mix all ingredients together when warm, serve fresh with-out chilling, if you can, it is good chilled too, but particularly creamy when warm-to room temperature.
  • It is also best to use the hardboiled eggs right after cooking, it's ok if they are slightly cooled from peeling, but best in this, if they are freshly cooked.
  • Most of the prep time is attributed to the peeling and chopping of the potatoes.
  • *Of course, because of the Mayo you won't want to leave it out too long.
  • I have also heard (unknown it it's true, but I never take the chance) not to serve anything that has Mayo in it, with Sterling Silver servers.

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  1. Potato Salad is my #1 fav dish. I've made countless recipes and this one tops them all. In fact, it's the only one I will ever make again. My whole family loved it too. I followed the recipe and use red potatoes. Absolutely amazing!
  2. I haven't used this recipe. I just want to say, try using this recipe as a base, using red potatoes ( a must!), boiled whole with skins on, until a knife slips in easily. Do not rinse the potatoes AT ALL. Just remove from heat and drain off water, and let cool until they can be handled. Then just peel and dice, then add your chopped eggs, lots of diced Kosher dills (that have been sliced and drained in a collander for at least 30 minutes), lots of celery heart, diced, as well as celery seed. Use the core and leaves, diced, too. The core is actually the best part for potato salad. Don't use any dark green stalks. The paler the better. For this recipe, I would use about 2 cups of diced celery, 2 cups of diced dills, and about a cup of finely diced sweet onions or scallions. I also use several dashes of Tabasco (The Tabasco, celery seed, salt and pepper are mixed with the Mayo before being added to the mix). I use either sweet onions or scallions. Scallions are slightly better. I only use the bottom half or so. The very tops are a little too strong. Try making your potato salad this way, and I promise, you will not regret it.
  3. This is the potato salad I grew up with in Iowa in the 50s. It's the best. Tons of eggs are key. Always included celery. Thinned the mayo (Miracle Whip then) with a little milk and added celery salt and some paprika to it for color. Also added a bit of white pepper. Mustard or relish in potato salad is an abomination. It's interesting to see the recommendation to mix ingredients when warm - Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) says the same (also with chicken salad). Helps the flavors to blend.
  4. Excellent recipe! Using what I had around the kitchen. <br/>I used about 20 small red potatoes.....cut up (diced), but did not peel. I used 4 extra large hard boiled eggs. 1 large Vidallia onion. 2 cloves of crushed garlic. Husband and 21 year old son - both pickey, loved it. Nice to make when you don't have celery on hand, like so many potato salads. The celery seed is a nice touch.
  5. First let me say this is an excellent potato salad recipe and pretty much the way I've made it for almost 50 years. Re: I have also heard (unknown it it's true, but I never take the chance) not to serve anything that has Mayo in it, with Sterling Silver servers. Partly true. It's actually a chemestry reaction type thing with hard boiled eggs and sterling silver, however, mayo might also be a culprit. They will tarnish your sterling silver in a heart beat. I learned that lesson the hard way many moons ago! Thank you for sharing this fine recipe. Phyl


  1. This is similar to the recipe my mom used to make and taught me to make except instead of celery seeds she used diced celery and she'd boil the potatoes with their jackets on. She also said that you couldn't get the right texture if you used a spoon - it had to be with your hands mushing through all the stuff! I smiled at how the originator rattled off the ingredients without exact measurements, my mom used to cook the same way. Truthfully it is the best potato salad EVER!!


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