Raw Cheez Itz

"This is a tasty and popular raw food cracker recipe. This version originally seen on the Raw Freedom Community, it's a mod of a recipe from Gone Raw."
photo by Nourished Homestead photo by Nourished Homestead
photo by Nourished Homestead
photo by Nourished Homestead photo by Nourished Homestead
Ready In:
12hrs 10mins




  • Requires preparation! Soak sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, and almonds for 4 hours.
  • Add all ingredients to food processor and process until as smooth as desired.
  • Spread out on teflex sheet, fruit roll up tray, or waxed paper and dehydrate for about 24 hours. After approximately 8 hours you can cut the crackers to desired size and flip.

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  1. dannydk
    Delicious!! I was tempted to mod the recipe. It didn't seem like it would be cheesy. But, after reading others' reviews, I decided to trust the recipe. I'm glad I did! They do taste just like Cheez Itz, but better!<br/>I made them for a raw food potluck: huge hit!
  2. LaycieLove
    One of my first RAW recipes & I'm glad!! This household will be having these stocked at ALL TIMES! Thanks so much for sharing :) BTW; I didn't use the tomato & added turmeric; delicious!
  3. Brighid
    Oh my!! These are so good my mouth does a happy dance each time I bite into one! It's a good thing that they're so good because they were a little difficult to make. I had to process it in several small batches in order to get it somewhat smooth. Also, it took the better part of two days for my little dehydrator to get them done. After 4 hours I cut them into 'pie wedges' (my dehydrator is round) with a pizza cutter and then cut each wedge in half across the middle. I didn't have any problems with my crackers crumbling at all that way. I did have one question, however...was I supposed to drain the nuts after I soaked them or was I supposed to process them liquid and all? I drained them and I was wondering if maybe that was why they were so difficult to process in one batch. Well - whatever because the end result was totally worth it. Thanks so much for giving me such a wonderful recipe for my first venture into raw crackers!
  4. Glori-B
    These are still in the dehydrator and I have been nibbling at the edges! I can't wait for them to be done, they're awesome already! Easy breezy ... and they do taste cheezy! Delish! Thank you vigilant20 for posting!
  5. mliss29
    These were sooooo easy to make. I put them in the fruit roll-up trays that go with my Nesco. I filled the trays up even with the top and got about 1.5 trays-full. I was surprised that they really do taste kind of like a Cheezit. My kids think they look too weird and haven't tried them. lol. I'm thinking about getting a beef jerky extruder, so I can try making somewhat more uniform crackers. Maybe then the kids will bite. Thanks for the easy trek into raw crackers. A very good place to start!


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