Raspberry-Marzipan Coffee Cake

"This is so yummy - and really easy. I found it in Betty Crocker's New Cookbook, and avoided it for years because of the almond paste (to me, it's an exotic ingredient). I was really missing out!"
photo by -Sylvie- photo by -Sylvie-
photo by -Sylvie-
photo by Chef Oz photo by Chef Oz
photo by -Sylvie- photo by -Sylvie-
Ready In:
1hr 10mins




  • Heat oven to 350°F.
  • Spray bottom and sides of 9x9-inch square pan with nonstick cooking spray.
  • Cut firm margarine into 1/3 cup flour and 1/4 cup sugar using a pastry blender (or 2 knives) until crumbly.
  • Stir in almonds; set aside.
  • Beat 2 cups flour, 3/4 cup sugar, softened butter, milk, baking powder, vanilla, and egg with an electric mixer on low about 30 seconds until blended.
  • Beat on medium about 2 minutes, scraping down the bowl occasionally.
  • Spread half the batter in the pan.
  • Sprinkle with half each of the almond paste, raspberries, and the "streusel" that you set aside.
  • Repeat with the remaining batter, almond paste, raspberries and streusel.
  • Bake about 50 minutes.
  • This is hard to test with a toothpick, because if you hit some almond paste you might think it isn't cooked yet--mine was perfect after 50 minutes.

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  1. This is a really good cake and very simple to make. I went to the supermarket to get raspberries, as I promised to make this for the 'cameraless-chef' game and they had neither fresh ones nor frozen. So I used canned ones, which I drained really well, once they were drained there weren't quite enough so I added fresh chopped apricots to the middle layer, which worked really well. I also couldn't get any slivered almonds, so I used chopped once instead. The marzipan makes the cake very sweeet, so I might reduce the amount of sugar in the main dough to 1/2 cup next time. I'll be making this again, thanks for sharing and I hope you'll like the photos!
  2. Fantastic! So tasty! I did add about 1/2 cup more raspberries and I'm glad I did, they would have been pretty far between otherwise.
  3. The marizpan in this cake takes it over the top and certainly differs from other similar cakes out there. Can cut back on sugar to taste because the marizpan is always very sweet by itself. This is darn good if you are a marizpan lover...otherwise maybe not so.
  4. At Christmas, I received as a gift a small wooden box with 450 grams of real marzipan from Spain. So, I searched for a recipe to use it (not being much of a fan of the Spanish tradition of chipping off a piece and eating it straight from the box with champagne) and happened upon this one. First, let me say that the Spanish brick of marzipan is very much different from almond paste or even the typical marzipan you see here in the US (which, by the way, almond paste and marzipan are not the same thing). It was very firm, almost hard, and sliced and chopped quite easily (not at all sticky). I used this interesting and, to me, rather exotic ingredient in this deliciously fabulous recipe. I doubled the recipe exactly (except that I used frozen raspberries... hey, it's January!) and layered about 3/4 of the recipe in a 9 x 13 inch pan and the rest into a 9 x 4 1/2 inch loaf pan. The loaf pan came out at the 50 minute mark, but the 9 x 13 pan stayed in another 25 minutes before being done. It was absolutely fabulous! Lots of raves from my co-workers when I delivered this gem for "Breakfast Friday". Thanks Evewitch! Really impressive, but remarkably easy! I still have 1/2 of my coveted marzipan left so will be making this again soon!
  5. Wow! I tried this recipe because I also perceived almond paste as exotic but evewitch was willing to try it, so I figured I would trust her experience. Instant favorite!



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